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Anti-gentilism refers to that age-old tradition of perspiration of the Gentiles.

For thousands of years gentiles have faced perspiration, prosecution and persecution.

(And to be frank - they deserve it. Have you seen their penises?[1])

The original anti-Gentilism[edit]

Many gentile tribes were slaughtered and massacred and killed. Notable amongst these were:

  • the Medianites
  • the Midianites
  • the Mudianites
  • the Madianites
  • the Mydianites
  • the Moodyanites

Some of these were not only enslaved, raped, rapped, and killed, but occasionally even had their boots taken. This was mostly appearing with black gangbangers, who reportedly had their "Tims" stolen.

The Philistines[edit]

A people known as the Philistines were particularly put upon for their lack of appreciation of Mantovani, Salsa, chocolate biscuits and modern cock music and were subjected to various punishments such as haircuts.


Most notable amongst these was the Samson episode. following a particularly vicious haircut Samson was stoned to death by a direct hit on his temple. He was not a gentile but it is believed gentiles of the time were also given haircuts.

Modern forms of Anti-Gentilism[edit]

Modern anti-gentilism takes various forms

  • systematic lying
  • murder
  • ethnic cleansing
  • theft of land, money, basically anything not nailed to the floor
  • name calling, such as "you gentile!"
  • penis mocking, such as "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • stereotyping i.e gentiles have huge penises/Jews have small ones
  • nasal mocking
  • other forms of mocking
  • mockings not already described above
  • haircuts
  • References to gentile stupidity- goyischer kopf, or one who is thinking like a goy. This is the very greatest insult known to man. (Apart from being called a girl)

The Philistines again[edit]

In the 20th and 21st centuries a large group of Philistine survivors were found to be still living in the region of the middle east co-incidentally also called Philistine. Boy were they for it!

Sixty years of traditional enslavement, refugee camps, and haircuts have followed.

Reporting anti-Gentile incidents[edit]

There now exists a database for recoding anti-Gentile episodes. When reporting these Gentiles remember to include the time and place of the incident (eg 9.10 p.m. by the taxi rank) and the severity of the incident (eg insult, short-changing, land-grab). Severity is recorded on the following scale [2]

  • Ambiguous remark which could if correctly interpreted perhaps plausibly be twisted into having a hint of anti-Gentile innuendo. Perhaps.
  • As above but by a leading public figure.
  • Laughing at the gentile penis.
  • The suggestion that gentiles 'control everything'.
  • Out and out insult
  • Wikipedia article
  • Land grab
  • Rape and pillage
  • Haircutting
  • Massacre
  • Air bombardment
  • Hypocaust Denial - Any denial that a) the Hypocaust happened b) it was the most effective form of underfloor central heating ever devised c) gentiles were responsible d) at least 6 million and not one less stone pillars were erected during the time of the Hypocaust.
  • Nuking

Current trends[edit]

Recent years have seen a fall in the number of rape and pillages but increased land grabs. By 2090 all Gentiles are expected to live in refugee camps whilst at the same time being subjected to a continual tirade of suggestions that they 'control everything'. Also they will all have short hair.


  1. Don't lie you porn watcher you!
  2. gentile-on-gentile or 'friendly fire' massacres are not recorded unless of the 'self-hating gentile' type

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