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Album by The Beatles
Released August 6, 1965
Recorded February - June 1965
Genre Rock
Length 34:20
Record label Porkaphone/Crapitol
Producers George Martin
Professional reviews
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Hell! is a 1965 album by British rock group The Beatles, as well as a Pornography/Horror Film directed by Lick Dester. The album is notable as it contains Paul McCartney's ballad, "Tomorrow", as well as "Shit!", perhaps the group's most recognized song. George Harrison also contributed two songs to the album, "I Feed You" and "Unhealthy Obsession".


Production for the album began in early 1965. In the months previous, Bob Dylan had introduced the Beatles to Kitten Huffing in a New York City hotel, and the effect of the drug was beginning to show on the band. As opposed to their earlier pop ballads, the group was now releasing songs consisting of 2 minutes of giggling and munching on Funyuns. John Lennon however, began to grow depressed around this time, and his songwriting began to reflect it. Examples include the working title he suggested for the album ("Gonna Off Meself") and the lyrics of his songs.

Track Listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. Shit! (Lennon/McCartney)
  2. The Knighted Whore (Lennon/McCartney)
  3. Highway 69 Revisited (Bob Dylan)
  4. I Feed You (Harrison)
  5. Another Hurl (Lennon/McCartney)
  6. You're Gonna Bruise That Girl (Lennon/McCartney)
  7. Ticket To Rye (Lennon/McCartney)

Side Two[edit]

  1. Axe Naturally (Russel/Morrison)
  2. It's Only A Flesh Wound (Lennon/McCartney)
  3. Unhealthy Obsession (Harrison)
  4. Tell Me What You Eat (Lennon/McCartney)
  5. I've Just Seen A Fascist (Lennon/McCartney)
  6. Tomorrow (Lennon/McCartney)
  7. Jizzy Miss Lizzy (Negroes)


Hell! is also the title of a 1965 comedy film starring the four Beatles. While not a direct sequel to their previous film, A Hard Gay's Night, it features many of the same actors, crew, and footage. The film is mainly centered around Ringo Starr, who one day, is sent a fancy penile ring in the mail from a fan. Unbeknownst to him, however, L. Ron Hubbard (Leo McKern) and his cult require this ring to sacrifice induct new members. Things continue normally until several attempts are made to cut off Ringo's penis to retrieve the ring. Desperate to rid himself of the ring, Ringo makes two startling discoveries: the ring will not come off, and it also prevents masturbation due to its placement. The group decides to visit scientists of the Ministry Of Genitalia to solve their problem, but rather then help, Dr. Robert (Victor Spaghetti) decides that he needs Ringo's penis for his collection of celebrity genitals. As Dr. Robert attempts to burn Ringo's member off with a laser, he is interrupted by one of the female cult members, who has decided to help the band. At the Beatles' home, she attempts to inject Ringo's scrotum with a serum that will shrink his package, but a frightened Ringo flinches, and as a result, Paul is instead injected with the serum (Which turns out to simply be concentrated Mountain Dew). After trying to evade the cult in both the Swiss Alps and the Bahamas, the band decides to tell Ringo's wife Maureen that he'd been flirting with the female cult member. The resulting fight causes his penis to shrink to the point where the ring simply falls off, and the group runs off to smoke a joint before the wrap party. After the credits, a brief scene is shown in which a young Yoko Ono discovers the ring on the beach and puts it on her own penis.