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Thank Thank You
Album by The Beatles
Released March 22, 1963
Recorded February 10, 1963 - February 9, 1963
Genre Stone
Length 32:45
Record label Porkaphone
Producers George Martin
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 5/5 - "It was great, really"
The Rolling Stones review 2/5 - "It was good, really"
Dr. Pepper review 0/5 - "It was crap, really"
Beatles Albums
Pete Best And The Cleveland Steamers (Okay, we just made that up)
Thank Thank You
Without The Beatles
This album really was a pile of crap

John Lennon on Thank Thank You

It's our first album, John, it's supposed to be a pile of crap

Paul McCartney on John Lennon's Response to Thank Thank You

I don't remember this album, what was it?

George Harrison on Thank Thank You

They wouldn't even let me play! I was shocked and stunned...

Ringo Starr on Thank Thank You

Ringo, for the love of crap, SHUT THE HELL UP! Nobody likes you anyways.

Phil Spector on Thank Thank You

Why are you commenting Phil? You didn't produce this album.

George Martin on His disliking of Pill Spector

Thank Thank You is an album by that fab group of moptops from Liverpool known only as The Beatles, a band of mop-topped Liverpudlians who took the world by storm... But you probably already knew that after finishing your Beatles section in history class. Recorded in 1963, or '62, (Nobody truly remembers or cares) this was the first album by the Beatles. It was pretty boring, as far as albums go. This album was made out of about 12 singles, 6 EPs, 12.7 tracks made in China, and a small Ford sedan (Sources say it was blue). Upon its initial release, the album took the world by storm, a force not seen in Europe since the nostalgic days of the Third Reich. Porkaphone's American subsidiary, Crapitol Records initially refused to release the record. As a result, the rights were given to Va-Jay-Jay Records, and the album was published as Regurgitating... The Beatles!.


The recording sessions for Thank Thank You began at about 3:14 in the afternoon on February 10, and came to an end 20 minutes earlier, the day before (February 9, at 2:54 in the afternoon). Nobody is truly sure of how this was accomplished (Later albums by the group would involve much less manipulation of the space-time continuum), and George Martin had all of the recording engineers shot, in order to preserve the secrets.


On the original 1st pressing the cover sleeve consisted of a very thick bullet proof outer sleeve and the 12.22222" vinyl record was protected by placing it inside a Tempurpedic mattress. Later pressings were just placed in brown bags the Beatles had stolen from supermarkets to reduce costs.


The Biggest controversy about this album is that it was so normal. BBC declared it too normal for their tastes and banned it. A BBC spokesperson said 'It was way to bloody normal, We want Drugs, sex and rock and roll'.

Track Listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. I Heard Her Standing There (Listening to this record) - 2:04
  2. History - 2:46
  3. Hannah (Banana) Montana - 3:30
  4. Ropes - 2:49
  5. Girls (Ringo's pedo phase...) - 2:38
  6. Ask Me Why (Just buy the Record, you'll feel better) - 3:37
  7. Thank Thank You (For Buying the Record) -2:37
  8. Love Me Doo -2:37
  9. A Taste Of Shit -1:50

Side 2 and A Half[edit]

  1. Love My Doo - 5:07
  2. PS, Buy the Record - 2:37
  3. Baby, Buy the Record - 2:44
  4. Do You Want to Know A Secret? (Buy the Record and find out!) - 2:43
  5. There's a Place (Where everyone bought our Record) - 1:20
  6. (Buy Our Record Or We'll) Twist You And You'll Shout! - 5:33

Influence on other musicians[edit]

See Charles Manson