A Hard Gay's Night

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A Hard Gay's Night!
Beatles HardGays.jpg
Album by The Beatles
Released 1964
Recorded: 1964
Genre Rock
Length 42:59
Record label Parlophone
Producers George Martin
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 10/10 - "Awesome music and John falling in love with Paul."
Rolling Stone review 2/10 - "Absolutely hate it. Their beat is off and George looks like he just got back from the jungle."
Beatle Albums
Without The Beatles
A Hard Gay's Night
Beatles For Sail

A Hard Gay's Night was yet another album by The Beatles. This was after the success of Without the Beatles and before Hell! came out. The rhythmic composure of this album is relatively elementary in a similar vein to albums with previous homosexual connotations including, Buy Me Cod and I'll Try Instead. There are some bizarre songs included in the album such as, I'm Happy to Dance With a Jew and A Hard Gay's Night. What will you say when you hear this album?

Recording and Production[edit | edit source]

The album in its entirety was released in mid-1964, when John Lennon first developed feelings toward Paul McCartney hence the title of the album. Which later, Paul responded to him by singing, "Tell Me Why (You Hate Me)." Ringo Starr had an inflation in his stomach during most of the recording so he was unable to perform. That's when John Bonham took over in his place, but later replaced by Jimmy Nicol.

Album Cover[edit | edit source]

If you look very closely there is this one who happens to be turned around. That's the back of Jimmy Nicol. He was considered a "useless piece of excrement" according to John. George is the only one who has a cigarette in his hand and appears to be smoking it. This is why he died in 2001.

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

Side one[edit | edit source]

  1. A Hard Gay's Night- 11:26
  2. I... Love to Sing!- 2:45
  3. If I Fell Down the Stairs- 2:54
  4. I'm Happy to Dance With a Jew- 1:44
  5. And I Rape Her- 0:55
  6. Tell Me Why (You Hate Me)- 2:09
  7. Can't Buy Me Cod- 2:15

Side two[edit | edit source]

  1. Any Bitch At All- 2:14
  2. I'll Try Instead- 1:37
  3. Things We Did Today- 2:23
  4. When We Do Sex Together- 1:22
  5. You Can't Do That...- 2:35
  6. I'll Be Back To Love You (anally)- 2:22
  7. You Still Can't Do That...- 3:55

Movie[edit | edit source]

A Hard Gay's Night was also a movie in which starred the Beatles. Like recording the music, John falls in love with Paul and the two start to make love in a public restroom. In walks a furious George Michael who punishes the two by making them clean the toilets in his bathroom back home. Ringo is not seen or mentioned in this movie.