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The original Duck Version Spring Shoe.Beta

The Spring Shoe, or Anti Gravity Sandals (German: Das Sprichgentshh reACHEN Shu), is a simple extension to the most common human beings organs called feet.

Of course there are many many other uses to feet but eventually none of them actually spring.

That one and only fact is the one that proves all others wrong.

The progress of those spring shoe, evolving the gravity forces and the mighty Thor mixing all kinds of elements into simple and elegant High Jumping Instruments of pure divine is a, as no other words are in my brain can describe, gift !!

A gift of nature and her boyfriend, God, to us humble creatures of unSpringed legs to evolve and expand into higher levels and stupider unsafer walking movements and not to mention the dance.

Of course as in any other adventure of human technology race, it all began with the military.

Evolution of the Spring Shoe[edit | edit source]

The original Spring Shoe was "Kfitz Shoe" (or, Ardalaim Mekaptsim!!) invested by the Israeli Army of Public Assumptions and developed by and Kfitz the Cat at the late 1920'. After some real stupid severe testings it was given to the Israeli Mossad to slap giraffes by their antennas and fine tune for better reception of outer space giraffes. Later on the giraffes decided they need to wear spring shoes too so that the Mossad couldn't fine tune these antennas.

The spring shoes finally gained its respectable place in the world today when it had 2 new features added to its core design. First, a spring and second the other springs.

Early Design Commercial from the 50's

Then came the golden age for Spring Shoes high and high jumping success and more market for the common non-sprung customer the big shoes companies started to hit the streets.

The Nike Springs for Boys evolve and surely left a few marks on the ceilings.

London Faggy Shoe Company made their marks while selling Feet Lifts.

And of course Axl Rose found his Guns Band with a Spring Shoe called Sprash.

With the acceleration of Nanotechnology there was need for an artifact of real high movement so the original Lo-Fi models soon improved into smaller, whiter, sharper, offspring such as:

First person look inside a Spring Shoes' cock pit

Spring Shoe and World Domination[edit | edit source]

The future for The Spring Shoe...? Who knows?? Scientists believe some projects might change the way we walk as a two legged monkeys, while others tend to jump around while stupidly trying to drink beer with their feet 1.7 meters above the ground.

Others claim it might be that the spring itself will evolve a cheesy brain and will just jump away...

Uses[edit | edit source]

For The Spring Princess, Plasters not included

Abuses[edit | edit source]

  • While Listening to trance music noise the shoe wearer should keep in mind that its all in their heads and part of the show, and should not attempt to divert universes.
  • Should use in fall.

See also[edit | edit source]

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