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A pair of merchants display their Mohair Thong in the marketplace.
Mohair? Thong? Dear Lord, these Poles are crazy...

Oscar Wilde, after his visit in Poland

A Mohair thong is a thong of mohair widely produced in Poland, and commonly worn throughout Eastern Europe.


Everything started one autumn day, before the Polish mastodonts extincted. Granny Rosalinda Kiepska was sewing another mohair beret, but instead of it, she made a mohair thong. She put it on, amusing her husband Eustachy Kiepski, who immediatelly started to shag her. Rosalinda exploited the magical features of mohair thongs and became an extremely liberal old lady, but despite all her efforts, the mohair thongs became forgotten for long ages.


The production of mohair thong was reactivated after The Duck started to rule. The Prime Minister commented it: Mohair thong will be the hit of Summer 2006

Where the mohair thong can be bought?[edit]

The best mohair thong can be bought on a market, in the hutt of Marian Paździoch, who sells it for 5 zł per piece. It can be bought in Tesco for 0,99 zł per piece, but it is not recommended, because it's usually a shitty fake made in China, which may cause rash in secret places or even infertility.

Advantages and disadvantages of mohair thong[edit]


  • It's cheap,
  • It's warm,
  • It's fully compatible with Catholicism
  • It's sexy
  • It can be used also in colder days.


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