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The Bundestag are serious witnesses of the life on the Earth, they are considered more advanced than National Geographic in the amount of money, and cliams about professionalism, that obviously there isn't such, because after all National Geographic exceeded all into that, however very often National Gerographic workers are considered hoby biologists and paid unwell, while the Bundes-tag lobby takes serious money for witnessing life on the Planet Earth, into this, they witness usually humans, although animals too. The Bundestag, as understood by the name, have the right, unlike National Geographic to enjoy on their own the witnessing of life in the planet, they also have the prime, they are major witnesses of the life in the planet around the whole world, they have the most right of comfort for witnessing the life on the planet, into that, both men and women who are witnesses in the Bundestag, they winess sights, and sightseeing, the whole of Europe, also other countries, on few accasions they maybe witnesses to some countries politics but they often get annoyed as like watching disturbing National Gorgraphic scenes like when one animal eats other, as it happened in the witnessing of the death of Berlusconi, when the Bundestag said they will be witnessing his funeral, as a friend of their German managers and politicians, the Bundestag also made clear that they wont stop witnessing, regardless of what happened, the life on Planet as it is, as this is their main effort for witch they are paid by neglected niggers around the world, who believe that the Germans are successors of the Nazis, while they are simply witnesses of the life on the Planet.

Most money in Germany and for the Bundestag come from neglected confused niggers who are lied about that the nasty or mean Germans one day will make a power again so they better have a good day or Wonder tag? Niggers and a few other dark ethnic groups around the world collect money to give to the Wonder tag to make them stay witnessing the life on the Planet, and not engage in Nazism that they claimed to have been engaged previously, unfortunatelly in the latest developments around the Wonder tag, not any nigger or Jewish person suffered but only their Italian mussolinist friend Berlusconi who had become a victime of the Wonder tag, who by mistake thought he is Jewish, becasue making witnessing of the life of the Planet, made the Wonder tag a bit like confused and with tired eyes, so they mistook him for a Jewish person, while he was a Nazi ally, but they didn't know about it.

His friend Mr. Schreoder also laughed that this Jewish person in Italy should suffer and after all die. In questions if they make mistake between Italy and Israel, Mr. Schreoder said, "Please don't bother my Wonder tag!".

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