Sovereign State of the Seven Seas

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Estado Soberano de los Siete Mares
Sovereign State of the Seven Seas
The Seven Seas
National Flag South Africa's new goat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Why is the Rum gone?"
Anthem: "The Pirate's Life for Me!"
Largest citySingapore
Official language(s)
Cap'nJack Sparrow
National Hero(es)Johnny Depp, Elizibeth III, Davy Jones, Mecky Co., Eric the Red, Generalmissio Pnom Penh, Blackbeard, Barbossa, Redbeard, Yellowbeard, Graybeard, Nobeard, Katrina, and Captain Hook
 of Independence
Still waiting...
CurrencyGold, Jars of Dirt, Pieces of 8, and Various Treasure
ReligionRoman Catholic, Paganism, Muslim, Voodoo, Rum, Violence.
Population4 famous hollywood actors plus several background peoples
National BeverageRum
Freemasonmastersinger.jpg Sie sind aufgefordert worden!
Grüße Mitdeutscher! This ärticle wäs wreiten ßy ein mästersinger öf the Güild, yöü cän außerordentlich help üs ruhmvoll und völlig schrecklich Rhineländers tö ächieve glößäl döminätiön ßy jöining so bald wie möglich.

“Land! Anilan!”

~ Captain Jack Sparrow on capturing Anilan from the British

The Sovereign State of the Seven Seas causes many problems for many problimatic peoples for no one really knows which seven seas they're talking about. Most claim the seven seas are the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, Black, Tyrrhenian, Mediteranean and Arabian Seas. But then others claim that all of those can be considered parts of the Mediteranean (Except for the Arabian Sea) so that only leaves us with two, to help clarify we asked Captain Jack Sparrow on what was the extent of his domain to which he replied "I go where I like 'cause I got a jar of dirt!" So the seven seas is wherever Jack happens to be, so that means the South China Sea, Caspian Sea, Caribbean Sea, Coral Sea, Celebes Sea, and Davy Jone's Locker must be included as well. Yet again the Caspain Sea is misnamed, it is actually a lake, so lets replace that with the Red Sea. But how is one to travel from one part of this aquatic nation to the other for an Ocean gets in the way usually and that would be trespassing on another country's (In this case Atlantis's) tirf. Futher more various countries claim to own the waters around them so this causes many border disputes in which the Seven Seas' Glorious Navy blows everyone's ships to tiny bits.

History[edit | edit source]

After the war of '69 most countries surrendered to the power of Captain Jack Sparrow and gave him dominion of all the water in the world, for he claims that all the Oceans are connected so therefore they were in actuality one large World Sea. But this creates more problems for if all the water of Earth is part of the World Sea, where are the six other seas the Seven Seas consits of? The answer is that they are simply on other planets, for there is a sea frozen on Europa, but a sea nonetheless, and then there's many seas on the moon. Taking this all into account the official territories of the Sovereign State of the Seven Seas are thus: The World Sea, the Europan Sea, the Sea of Clouds, the Sea of Serenity, the Sea of Moisture, the Sea of Rains and Humbolt's Sea.

Since water makes up 3/4 of the Earth, the Sovereign State of the Seven Seas is in fact the largest nation in the entire world, breaking the record set by the Mongols a thousand years prior. They are also the largest (and only) nation on the Moon and Jupiter's Moon Europa.

Public Transporation[edit | edit source]

There is no public transportation, all trasporation must be done by bribing a savy pirate who owns a ship or by sea turtle, though the most common and practical is simply stealing a pretty boat nearby.

In the News[edit | edit source]

The Seven Seas has made the news again, which is rare for most people only care about American Idol, and anyways the reason being is that they are once again at a territorial dispute with England. This time it is the British colony of Anilan, located in Southern Fordlandia, that the Seven Seas is annexing. The reason for this dispute is that Captain Jack Sparrow wants to go to Anilan (for the direct quote see the top of the page) and he takes what he pleases. Because England is currently at civil war with the Scottish Cavalry of the Highland Kingdom, they'll probably lose. England doesn't really care about Anilan for they no longer have any reason to try and control the Atlatic Sea, and plus the place is swarming with nasty cannibals.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Because of it's interplanetary bigness, The Seven Seas is the second largest nation in terms of territory:

  1. The Galactic Empire
  2. The Sovereign State of the Seven Seas
  3. The Holy Britannian Empire
  4. The Foundation
  5. The Empire of California
  6. U.S.S.R.
  7. Eastasia
  8. Eurasia
  9. Mecky Co.
  10. Bechuanaland
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