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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for McDonald's?
Late 90's Logo style

McWorship's Corporation is the world's leading chain fast-prayer chapels, just above Prayer King in market dominance. Founded by Reverand Ray Kroc in the early 20th century, it's devout belief in the religions of the world has kept it healthy among both the Eastern and Western territories.

Foundations in History[edit | edit source]

The Pope feasting on a delicious McSalvation burger with Cheese, the Pope's new Eucharistic host of choice. The Pope has been quoted as stating "Christ never tasted so good; this burger is so delicious that eating it feels like a sin!"

Rev. Ray Kroc received the inspiration for the chapel while working and watching C-SPAN television. Taking a loan from the Pope, he opened the first McWorship's in the Vatican City. Shortly after it's conception, it became a whole franchised church, the first of it's kind. It became famous very quickly for it's ground-breaking Pray-Thru, which was perfect for religious citizens on the go. But what truly set it in the business was it's strangely remarkable religious aptitude, which hosted not only Christianity, but also other religions such as Buddhism and even Satanism.

Supported Religions[edit | edit source]

Both Rastafarians and Pastafarians love this ketchup

Current Menu[edit | edit source]

This menu is a listing of the most popular combos on their Extra-Purity list.

  • Big God, a popular Christian prayer session.
  • Quarter Allah, an all-beef favorite among Islamic worshipers.
  • Big N'Meaty, a quick, yet supple, amount of Pastafarian blessing.
  • McJesii, favorite of Christians, it disappears for 3 years and reappears for a triumphant return.
  • Filet-o-Brahmin, short and sweet Hindu session.
  • Satan Selects, perfect for the Satanist on the go.

A special meal was produced only at night before closing times, titled The Last Supper, which consisted of Communion wafers and Wine. After minor protests, it was discontinued.

Children's Meals[edit | edit source]

Over the years, McWorship's decided to make it's menu more kid-friendly. Thus, the Happy Sermon was created. It consisted of a selected minister and a toy. Popular toys in the Happy Sermons include:

  • Jesus Christ Action Figure
  • Suicide Fred, the Martyr
  • Selected Bible of Choice
  • HowTo Novels, such as HowTo:Draw a Pentagram
  • FSM Coloring book

McWorship's in Modern Times[edit | edit source]

A group of Unglican clergy about to order breakfast at a McWorship restaurant in Pennsyltucky

McWorship's new CEO, Minister Ronald McDonald is currently attempting to bring McWorship a wider variety of religions shortly after complaints laid forward by many extremists. The latest strike has been the production of the movie, "Baptise Me", featuring the effects on a man over time as he partakes in the many different religions every day for 30 days. The effect of this movie has devastated the McWorship hierarchy, as many death threats have arrived on the desk of Minister McDonald. It still manages to maintain a stranglehold on the industry, despite the flop. It's rival, Prayer King, has also attempted to modernize it's menu selection, but maintains a primarily Christian facility.

Events[edit | edit source]

Over the years, McWorship has held many public events to aid its community, the most recent being Jesii-Fest 2024. The fatality count is still rising.

See Also[edit | edit source]

Original Jesus enjoying a meal with His Apostles at a McWorship Restaurant