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This poem is an ode to her beloved husband, Ronald Mcdonald, by Mary Pope Osborne.

Ronald Mcdonald, also known as Ronan Khan, Jimmy BoB, and the Freaky clown man. Beware child this amazing man is like a god to the Americans and if you see him on the streets go up to him and he will let you suck on his lolly pop. Ronald mcdonald married to 5 Women the womaniser of 3701273 BC a role model for all children adults and big fat blobby people.

The story[edit | edit source]

Ronald McDonald getting arrested.

How dear my lovely Ronald,

The mascot of Mcdonald,

How I love my Ronald,

Every single day.

With his pale face and,

His fluffy red hair,

That's my Ronald,

We are a pair.

We are best friends,

Will be until the end,

Me and my Ronald,

The mascot of Mcdonald.

We will be best friends,

Until our divorce,

Which I believe is,

A driving force.

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