UnNews:Man gains 80 pounds by eating McDonald's "healthy" options

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21 June 2008

His "healthy" paradise

QUINTON, Virginia- A man from Virginia gained 80 pounds from eating McDonald's salads and Snack Wraps. A Big Mac contains 57 grams of fat. A salad with one packet of dressing (2oz) contains 62 grams of fat, with 1,600 calories. A grilled chicken Snack Wrap contains 45 grams of fat. He also drank water with bacon grease in it, 25 grams of fat and 800 calories. He ultimately consumed 4,000 calories each day, since 4,000 calories is a pound, he gained almost a pound per day. He did this for 90 days. The only reason he did not gain exactly one pound per day is, because he burned calories by sitting and sleeping, but only a few. "Wow, he is a hardcore McDonald's fan. He is helping us provide food to all of the world. He is so nice."-Ronald McDonald on this man from Virginia. The kids should be taught this, "McDonald's is okay to eat in moderations, One McNugget, a sip of Coke and 5 fries is very healthy."- Several Health Education teachers. He is now trying to lose the weight, with very little luck. He has been exercising 3 hours a day and lost 3 pounds.

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