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This day's a bit shit, don't worry there'll be others.

June 3: Rhymes With Turd Day

  • 1958 - The hit song by The Rivingtons, "The Turd is the Word" makes the top 40.
  • 1971 - First invasion of the Kurds.
  • 1977 - Melvin Rogers becomes first person to be arrested for DUI. How'd they know? His speech was slurred.
  • 1980 - First all nude production of Richard the Third.
  • 1990 - Name calling and liberal locker stuffing thwarts the first revenge of the Nerds.
  • 1998 - The Rhymes With Turd day is officially abolished, putting an end to a day so absurd.
  • 1999 - Damien Hirst tries making an internal rhyme with Hirst and Turd and is yelled at for being a ponce.