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Driving alone, tonight's the night
This guy will meat me & my knife
falls in my trunk with blinkin' eyes
He's on my table now
Cuttin' his cheek to wake him up
He gets hysterical, and asks
What's up with all the plastic wrapped
'Round me? So clinical
So you're a tough guy
Mother butcher rough guy
Just to have a laugh guy
Doin' evil stuff guy
I'll make you die
Just like you made them die
'Cause you deserve to die
For making my mum die
I'm the blood guy
I'm the blood guy
I like it when he bleeds a lot
When I cut his body to eight
Pieces, I'll take him in my boat
To drop him in the sea
My sister likes to play along
With me, but don't know she belongs to a
family of serial killers,
That would piss her off
So you're a tough guy
Kid abuser rough guy
Turned him into Mogwai
Now he likes to hurt guys
I'll make you die
Just like you made them die
'Cause you deserve to die
Almost made this boy die
Here's your blood, guy
Here's your blood guy, duh
I'm only good with fuckin' blood, blood
I hate when you haunt me
I guess I'm pretty mad when I'm alone
Was never scared of you
But now, I see you in my thoughts
But when Aunt Deb appears, you are never shown.
I'm your blood, guy
I'm, I'm your blood, guy
blood guy, blood guy
I'm your blood.