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Articles are added (roughly) in order of creation.


  • Chipmonk: the only known rodent with anti-religious tendencies.
  • Coca cola: Warning! Their attacks can cause diabetes, heart disease, and death.
  • Osum Bin Adden: We shall deliver math to the infidels!
  • Erudition: One requests you, sir, to a short read of this article. Hovering on the links is greatly appreciated.
  • Novichok: Totally non-capitalist and non-poisonous!
  • Smallpox: One of the greatest epidemic bands of all time.
  • Extinctionism (Featured!): The group protests against excessive unrest and hypocrisy.
  • Emperor Taizong of Tang: Lol Gokturks!
  • Baked Potato (Featured!) (Multi-author collaboration): It's pronounced baked potato not baked potato.
  • Instruction manual: Recommend good artcle, cheap, inexpensive, nicely writen! (sponsered by DongFang® Industial compny!)
  • Warring States Period: Self-explanatory period when states waged war with each other.
  • Chromebook: More like Mudbook.