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Welcome to the 14rd Edition of our beloved and prestigious Poo Lit Surprise. The competition is over and the winners are listed below. The voting and scoring is available here. Use the talk page for any questions or concerns. See the Poo Lit Archives for the results from past competitions.

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Winners

Best Article

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Black Lives Matter by Leverage

2nd Place: COVID-19 Solutions Incorporated by Shabidoo

Best Noob Article

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: 12 oz Mouse by Hazy

Best Collaboration

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champions: Vandalized Oscar Wilde Statue by Zombiebaron and Kippy

Best Rewrite

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Five-second rule by MrX

2nd Place: puckerbut by Shabidoo

Best Potatochop

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Penis Mask by Zombiebaron

2nd Place: Omega Garfield by Hazy

Best T-Shirt Design

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: College Buddies Uncyclopedia by Nicolassequeira

2nd Place: Content Free Forever by Zombiebaron

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