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Subliminal stimuli

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Obviously not a professional one, however. Because a professional subliminal advertising executive wouldn't have been seen at all.

Subliminal stimuli is a technique used to influence people or evoke an emotional response without an individual being aware of the stimulus. It is caused when a message is below an individual's absolute threshold for conscious perception. Therefore, you may find it easier to use subliminal stimuli on a complete idiot, while harder when dealing with a smart ass. Or in other words, the intelligent sounding way of saying subliminal messages.

Subliminal stimuli could be anything, or be anywhere. It could be a sophisticated metaphor, choice words said together to evoke a reaction, a flashing symbol, or just a simple, "Suck my dick" scrawled on a wall in the background. That's what gives it its mystery.


Look at this thin, young woman enjoy her Coca Cola and freedom from little screaming brats.

Introduced in 1895, when the director of Yale Psychology laboratory E.W. Scripture, PhD, published The New Psychology in 1897, which described the basic principles of subliminal stimuli. An excerpt from the the 1897 version of The New Psychology reads as follows: "The basic idea of subliminal Give me all your money stimuli is to implant an idea in an individual's Give me all your money mind. The best way in which to do so is to subtly Give me all your money implant the idea in the individual's mind over and Give me all your money over again.". The guide had a huge impact on the scientific community. It ended up winning the director of Yale Psychology a nobel prize, a spot in the scientists hall-of-fame and an Oscar, just for good measure.

However, the first well known case of subliminal stimuli being used was in 1957, for advertising purposes. A New Jersey Drive-in theater flashed the words DRINK COCA COLA and EAT POPCORN for 1/3000th of a second every 5 seconds throughout the movie during a 6-week run of the film Picnic. Coke sales in the lobby increased 58% and that popcorn sales rose 18%.

The second well known case of subliminal stimuli being used was in 1960, when an abortion clinic flashed the words GET AN ABORTION and KILL FETUSES for 1/3000th of a second every 5 seconds throughout their commercial. The birth rate went down 10% that year.

When asked about the event, most say such things like, "Wow, that's kinda cool.", "What they did was wrong, and they shouldn't do it again." or "Dude, I could really use a Coke and an abortion right now.".

Use in the television and movie industry

A scene from a famous Quentin Tarantino film, Reservoir dogs. If you look closely, you can see a hidden subliminal stimuli message in the background. It's not obvious, and it's only shown for 300 frames in the movie, so look hard; it's easy to miss.

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The television and movie industry has a long history of implanting subliminal stimuli in TV shows, such as: Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Simpsons and Dora the Explorer. And many movies. Including most Disney movies.

Subliminal stimuli images or messages in television shows and movies usually come in the form of things in the background, usually only shown for a couple frames at a time. Things like pornographic images, or messages that say things like sex, hi mom or The way women are treated in the workplace is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I know that has nothing to do with this movie, but it really bothers me. Actually, you know what else bothers me? Kids these days. They're so rude to adults, and all they do is walk around texting all the fucking time! I mean, backing in my day, if I treated my parents as bad as kids these days do, I wouldn't be here to relate the tale to you. They're all just spoiled brats, every fucking one of 'em.

Another example of subliminal stimuli in the television industry, is during the Elmo's world segment of Sesame street. Have absolutely no fucking idea what we're talking about? That's okay, just watch this informational moving gif:

Elmo Subliminal.gif

Use in the music industry

A scientific diagram of the Earth after Time pointed out how stupid everyone was being.

It became very popular with the music industry in the 60's when a form of Subliminal stimuli was discovered called backmasking. Backmasking (gniksamkcab) is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward on to a track that is meant to be played forward. For example, when the verse, "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, it's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on. And it makes me wonder." From Stairway To Heaven is played backward, it becomes, "Satan satan satan satan satan, satan satan satan satan satan. Satan satan satan satan satan satan. Satan satan satan." It really does, no need to check, just take our word for it.

Another famous case of Subliminal stimuli being used in the music industry is the Al is dead hoax. Which is a phrase that can be heard in the background of Weird Al's "Smells Like Nirvana". The lyrics started a rumor that Weird Al had actually been killed, and replaced with a look-a-like. But it was later pointed out in an article by Time magazine that Weird Al couldn't be dead, or else he wouldn't have been sining in the song. The world gave out a collective, "Oh... I hadn't thought of that..."

How to use subliminal stimuli

The correct way

Love me.

The incorrect way

Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.

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