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The womb newt' or simply newt (Notophthalmus uterius) is a lizard shaped amphibian often confused for a salamander. Newts tend to be larger than most salamanders, although the giant Asian salamanders are much larger than the newt. Additionally, newts retain their gills in adulthood, while most salamanders to not.

However, newts and salamanders and by most easily distinguished by their natural habitats. While the salamander is primarily a semi-aquatic or aquatic creature, the newt lives solely in the uteruses of human females. It is only of the largest parasites on the human uterus, exceeded in size by only the fetus (Homo sapiens sapiens). (more...)


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Why abortion is FUN


Did you know that:

  • ...Avoiding pregnancy is easy with the aid of coathangers and falcon punches?
  • ...The funniest thing about pregnancy is abortion?
  • ...Gay Luigi is a pawn of Satan, gay, has many sexy forms, and as of today, can spray magical pee in people's faces?


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