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Aduck Hitler, German ducktator.

The Ducktators, not to be confused with The Dictators or The Fuckators , are a militant fascist organization which originated in Germany, circa 1933. The Ducktators were responsible for kicking western civilization in the ass for several years, until each member died due to short lifespan.

The Ducktators were nothing to quack about. They were ruthless, toothless dictators who raped the fields and pillaged the women.

The History of Ducktatorship[edit | edit source]

Members[edit | edit source]

Hitler[edit | edit source]

Young Aduck hatches from his evil nazi shell.

Aduck Hitler, of Germany. Aduck was hatched in an Austrian farm in the early 1930's, the closest place to hell. Promptly after being born, he swiftly founded the German Poultry Party (or GPP), whose goal was devoted to ridding Germany and Austria of giant rats, roaches, fat kids and Jews. Aduck invaded a Polish farm in 1939, and soon enslaved an army of 30,000 Swans.

Despite his financial success, Aduck was assassinated in 1945 when Russian butchers made him into Tai duck, this is one of the most terrible deaths known to duckkind. Speculation of his death was controversial for years, until dental records proved his duck bill belonged to him.

Benito Mallardini[edit | edit source]

Benito Mallardini, Italian ducktator.

Benito Mallardini was born in Corleone, Italy in 1928. His parents, two very fat ducks named Tony and Angela raised him in an Italian pizza shop for his whole life. He became so fed up with eating the same meatballs and pasta, that he ran away from home and formed the Italian Fattest party. Due to political correctness, they changed the name to Fascist to make the fatties feel better. However, Benito never had any formal education, therefore he couldn't even spell the word "fascist". So, they changed the name of the party to "The Italian Quackist" party.

Benito invaded a Greek chicken farm in 1938 to help out with the Greco-Spanish chicken war. Unfortunately, Benito proved to be "chicken" himself, and fled from battle to be exiled on the island of Corsica. There, he played Missile Command for the rest of his life until he died of boredom. His body was 275 lbs. at time of death.

Webtoed-Hito[edit | edit source]

Webtoed-Hito, Japanese Ducktator sailing to China.

Webtoed-Hito, a fiery dragon of a Ducktator, invaded a Chinese kung-poa chicken restaurant in 1937. After his great victory in the Chinese front, and with the success of the Great Nanjing Massacre, Webtoed-Hito began the planning for his raid on Pearl Harbor. But due to poor military strategies, the entire Japanese duck fleet flew to Monster Island and was consumed by Godzilla.

Invasion of Europe[edit | edit source]

The Ducktators marching to the mens' room to take a leak.

Many European farms fell victim to the iron webbed feet of The Ducktators. They marched all along Europe burning everything in their path, and took many innocent geese and swans prisoner. Such catastrophic chaos has not been rivaled until the release of Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds.

The Ducktators surrendered their armies in 1945, when Albert Einstein fed them poison bread crumbs which wiped out 90% of their troops. Even with horrific KFC-style cloning precedures to create hordes of men, the totalitarian ducks had no more will to carry on and conquer Europe in the name of Quackism

The Ducktators signing a document which outlaws Russia forever.

Neo-Quackism[edit | edit source]

Since their deaths and disbandings, many followers of The Ducktators have formed right-wing militant groups called Neo-Quackism. They aim to spread the word of Aduck Hitler and indoctrinate earth with the teachings of Der Quacker. So far, their feeble Quackist rallies have been thwarted by poultriotic American ducks.

A movie about a duck's reformation from Neo-Quackism to racial tolerance has been made in 1999. This film starred Daffy Duck, and was called American History X; It received 88 Oscar nominations, such as best supporting goose, best raunchy sex scene and worst on-screen decapitation.

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