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Asian Nazis are primarily found in Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Philippines . Asian Nazis are like other Nazis only they are Asian. Imagine that!

Japanese Nazis.


HakenShuriken used by the Axis during WWII.

Asian Nazism is generally regarded as beginning in Japan en lieu of sympathies with Germany’s post war struggles. Many Japanese Nationalists yearned for the day that the sunbeams could rise again to join central Europe against the Anglo-Chinese menace (thus, the evil plot between Volkswagen and Mitsubishi to destroy America’s economy with cheaper, inhumanly efficient manufacturing).

It is also mastubated by leading thinkers in the Nazi Party that the moveent’s origin goes back even further in a mysterious, mystical land called China, where it is said that the white and golden descended from extraterestrial reptilians after landing in their spaceshit to populate the Inner Earth to provide reams of Bullshit for New Age and David Icke to repeat over and over again (there is also a related, though highly disputed myth made up by Anglo-Chinese who claim that Asian race were exclusively these Communist Chinese aliens; and are in fact the same race described by Eric Von-Daniken who created the White man by genetically splicing their DNA with that of highly evolved apes. Thus: The Asians are gods, and the Anglo are their chosen people, who shall number greater then the stars of the Heavens or the sands of the Earth. Many traditional Nazis though consider such things to be Judaio-Christian corruptions, since we all know that we are ALL God, especially the lighter skined "we's").

By the way, Ninjas and Samurai are totally frigging cool - probably the coolest type of people that have ever lived. They were not Nazi's, but Nazi's wish they were as cool as Ninjas and Samurai.

The Tibet Purchase, the single largest land deal in the history of Nazi Communism where the Chinese bought Tibet from Spiderman, who had only just gained custody of it after beating Bonesaw in a steel cage match.

All of these are indeed, generally true. The reality, however, is that Asian Nazism specifically began with Bjork (who kinda looks Asian, some say probably a Eurasian hybrid on meth) after founding her new empire in New Bjork City. It is said that she not only had a gigantic picture book of Mein Kampf, but also what she called an “Easy Bake Jew Oven” (which has recently been covered-up by Holocaust deniers trying to make Bjork look good by denying the existence of said ovens).

Her personal ideas, mixed with the above factors, where finally melded into the new phenomena of Asian Nazism, first taken up by the angry Japanese, then by the even angrier Koreans (who were already Nazis long before the term was even invented, some scholars, such as PJ O’Rourke, even going as far as to question whether the Koreans are truly Asian or not, based on their truly unique language), then taken to Mongolia and finally China, where it was finally sanctioned by the Ascended Masters allowing the Chinese to become the fabled and feared Nazi Communist Chinese.


Asian nazi waving heil to everyone
Operation Orient..."i dont know i was sleeping next thing you know bombs began landing everywhere and people where dying but i still remember the pink coulds of poison that smelled like strawberries"-Innocent victim

Asian Nazis have very interesting and unique features. The most obvious example is the they are very intelligent and a beautifull skin! They are also armed with microwaveguns (which are like a Mauser mated with an oven), many of which are mounted on giant HO models that, ironically, make Panzers look tacky.


Relationship to Other Nazis[edit]

It seems strange but relations between Mongol Nazis and Aryan Nazis surprisingly good. In fact they often invite each other to fantastic parties, usually in Fascist South American countries or Wooded places in the American North-West for food, drinks, BDSM and spayed Latin whores (often dressed in spandex with exciting leather and rope accesories). Often ending the day with a science convention where they conduct exciting experiments with engines, robots, and cybernetics (usually performed upon some dumb as wood political dessenter, though some perform this on themselves too. Given new findings concerning one Karl Haushofer, it is possible that the Nazis where really some primitive form of Wapanese].

They are also all keen on starting youth groups who engage in many constructive after school activities such as art, fashion, sports, and listening to Rammstein. They also love their computers so much that they include them their lists of honored familial ancestors (computers who crash during Doom or MechWarrior are sent straight to Valhalla to be used by Ghengis Khan and Conan the Barbarian and their armies of Scythian Valkyries.

They both have a hatred of Eurasians, and often inform each other when when some are located in their respective hemisphere where they are apprehended and sent straight to forced labor camps in Euthenasia to make an honest living. Sticking to policy, both parties are to apologize to for the mishap and give compensation in the form of gold, or a free latex doll.

Did I say that Aryan Nazis and Mongol Nazis hate Eurasians? Well, this is actually only half true. In reality, Asian Nazis and White Nazis do like Eurasian Nazis (like Bjork), especially ones living in Eurasia (which is Commie-Nazi, and thus believes in the value of universal nationalism). Besides, most Nazis, Aryan, Mongol, or otherwise) are too dumb to really notice such delicate things anyway.

Master Plan![edit]

Ein Ubervolk!.

After receiving help by Asian Nazis, some rather smart White Nazis regarded them in high esteem, and agreed to acknowledge the natural parity of the Asian race. However, it is secretly known by the most learned within both that Asian and White people both actually came from common ancestors who descended from outer space onto the mountains of China. Some of these Nazis eventually saw that the Russian National Bolshevists already had plans for a pan-Eurasian world that would provide a safe haven for bromides. Thus, under National Bolshevism, some Asian Nazis and White Nazis, plan to create a new Eurasian race with large blue almond shaped eyes, straight blond hair, and wide faces with pointy chins and small mouths. So in essence, Anime is born!

Their Downfall[edit]

An Asian Nazi said the King of Laos' mother was a Myanmaraneseian.

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