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Anthropomorphism is a super-style ability given to people, animals and soup-urgh-na-tu-ral-puh-naw-may-nuurgh!

Explanation[edit | edit source]


Quite often, some people need to help people and they just Anthropomorph. Everybody does it. Even (quite obviously) Your mom!! Usually when people Anthropomorph, they yell "Anthropomorph Time!" with one exclamation mark. After that they yell "BAZZINNG!!" in all capital letters with two exclamation marks. In case you are BENSON, the value multiplies with the amount on the dice.

The most known Anthropomorph, yet semi-super-anti-uli-quadru-fictional, Superman has an Anthropomobelt™. The belt was invented in InverseFictom and is currently the most richest "thing" "in" the planet. As it is located between magma and manga anime pron, Jakoyonodu, the president of IF2 is quite proud of his insane name and Japanese heritage.

Some of you Anthropomorphic people out there may enjoy the sexual ways of being a 'Furry' as well. Often thought to be held up in there own house or living in Your mom's basement for weeks, these people come out for a week every year to attend Anthrocon; a big (yes it's real.) 'Furry' convention (Pray to God), and migrate up northeast to mate and stay out late dancing or at the local fruit bar.

The IAHQ[edit | edit source]

IAHQ lugoo!!

For people that need help on Anthropomorphruf... Antrofu... Anfur... Cheese, the IAHQ is always open for giving help, taking help and selling shirts. It was founded 98 A.D.

Located in some insane mountain, the IAHQ is the leading helper of Anthropomorphers all around the world. It's festival "Anthropomorph Day" has been quite successful for 20 years. It's current festival, Anthropomorph Day 1995-2010 is rated "nuts times three" by Billerson Daily. It's president, Vladimir Vl☺dimu has been rated "nuts times three too!!".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Once it happens, as previously described, "ANTHROPOMORPH TIME! BAZZINNG!!" would be the thing Benson would of said. When it happens, the person "anthropomorphligating" would have a FLUSH in their eye. This first discovered by Ben Son, the son of Ben. THE SON OF THE INSANE CRAZY MADMAN BEN...SON.

In popular culture[edit | edit source]

"There must of been something in the... coffee..."
  • In NUTSBEARS, Loller, a secrut agent unknown to everybody kills everybody with the effect of anthromorphage.
    • Also, in a bonus file, Coffen, that crazy ape that calls out the NutsBears anthropomorphs while Muumi, while drinking coffee, has a vison
  • Robbie Williams wrote a song "You and Me. Anthropomorph. Now. Monkeys good! Cheese bad! ;--)"
  • Hot dogs in New York often come anthropomorph flavoured.
  • Dr. Jekyll used his anthropomorph power to switch into cheese. Later, he turned into Mr. Hyde.
  • JKR uses anthropomorphing to make time around him go faster and that is the actual cause why his toons are late.
  • LOLbee from Homestar Runner quite often anthropomorphs to make cherries appear. Over his Head.

People who often use anthropomorphing[edit | edit source]

In crappological order, descending.

The keyboard of the comicbook guy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Trivia sections are Super Yiffy!

The article could be improved by reading it upside-down, or something, I dunno. Did you know it's impossible to lick your own elbow? Unless you're some kind of freak.

  • Anthropomorphage is the name of the poop-like substance that appears in the anthropomorpher's nose after they anthropomorph.
  • Anthropomorphable is when an object can be eaten with anthropomorphage sauce.
  • Earmuffs contain 97% anthropomorphage and 3% of complete bullsh*t.
  • Mr. Censoror should be killed to a sh*t ocean because he turns plain sh*t into bullsh*t.
  • Did you know, that you suck goo when you anthropomorph virgins?

What the hell does it do?[edit | edit source]

Where the "HELL" should I know? You thought of coming here in the first place may tell you? You are so gullible and dumb. Uncyclopedia is full of LIES. You should anthropomorph out of here. Maybe Wikipedia has the "truth". Then again, maybe not.

Risks[edit | edit source]

Cancer. If your body can't deal with the transformation, you start to see KFC lumps on your head and elsewhere etc.. That's alright though, KFC will harvest tumors so you might survive.

... It's dangerous trying to turn into a chicken.

Woman finds tumor in KFC

a failed KFC antropomorph. The woman (left) loves KFC.

Note: Ignore the lies at the bottom.

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