2005 Atlantic hurricane season

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The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, also known as the 2005 Incarnation of the Great Silly String War was an ongoing event that started at the beginning of time (also known as January 2005, the date of the founding of Uncyclopedia) and ends on February 31, 2006 or whenever the darn storms stop, whichever comes second. Notable hurricanes in this season were Dennis the Menace, Hurricane Emily, Latrina, the one with all the salt and lime, and the wife of Fred Flintstone.

During the season, a total of 23054 cats, 2043 dogs, and 1 rabirdoo were killed. The fatalities were encountered when it rained cats and dogs, though remarkably, the rain was composed of 90% cats. This has resulted in acute shortages of MRE's (Mice Ready to Eat) in affected areas, virtually wiping out Florida's Disney theme parks. Some people were also killed, but human deaths were not considered significant enough by authorities to be worth counting.

This led to much confusion, and to allegations that God was smoking marijuana when he left out the rain. Some have said that the entire season was due to the God's wrath. Others cite low ratings for Oprah.

Corporate sponsorships[edit | edit source]

Hurricane Wilma™, a Hanna-Barbera™ production

This costly 2005 Atlantic hurricane season has been brought to you by:


Please support our proud sponsors so they may continue to bring quality programming like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita to what's left of your potato.

Records broken during the season[edit | edit source]

Silly String attacks the Atlantic coast.
  • Most hurricanes to hit Bedrock (1)
  • Most hurricanes sponsored by Saturday-morning cartoon characters (2)
  • 2nd most named storms in one season (the entire 21-name series has already been used up) and most Mardi Gras beads destroyed (No Orleans is now gone)
  • Greatest number of people addicted to Wikipedia's talk:XXX Atlantic Hurricane Season
  • MacArthur Park. Someone left the cake out in the rain.
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, broken by my kid brother when he rushed to tell me Hurricane Beta had formed. He *will* pay.
  • Most named storms to miss North and Middle America. Vince 'WTF' Gogh landed on Europe instead.
  • Harsest off-season violation: Hurricane Evil 'JustplayingwithNHC' Epsilon went to the most terrible conditions and still managed to survive.
  • 2nd costliest hurricane season. RIP 1% of America's budget.
  • Deadliest hurricane season since 1000 years ago.


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