What was God thinking!?

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“I insist on donating at the platinum level!”

~ Oscar Wilde on this fundraising letter

Dear <insert name here>,

A few weeks ago, we all watched with horror as killer tornadoes, storms, and floods rocked the Midwestern United States.

I'm sure you saw the news that several innocent people and kittens were killed by tornadoes and thousands of people lost everything they had. Houses were swept from foundations; bridges loaded with railroad cars floated away. Farmers lost entire fields of crops. And in this year's economy, that may cause many of them to lose their homesteads too.

These storms have produced incredible devastation, as entire counties were declared disaster areas. Workers in the area tell us everyone is very stressed with the impact of losing everything, especially the children and kittens.

That's why our workers and volunteers have been busy distributing our What was God thinking?!? booklets to as many kids as possible throughout the hard hit disaster areas in the midwest.

Like all of us, the kids are questioning God and this should most certainly be encouraged. It is most especially important that they question God and even their own faith after a terrible disaster such as this one, since such questioning is perfectly natural.

Well, our little booklet What was God thinking?!? encourages kids to question God regardless of the scriptural truths that God should never be questioned. It presents in a clear and age-appropriate manner several methods of questioning God and doubting one's faith.

And this is more than just literature distribution. Should we have intended only literature distribution, we would have flooded the area with Bibles, just like the Gideons.

We have these brochures in 144,000 locations around the country, ready to use. But we will not be satisfied until every block in every city in the nation has them available. We have distributed thousands in shopping malls, Wal-Marts, grocery stores, banks, and every other place we could think of where people with money hang out.

We have heard many stories of doubt when we handed these brochures out. One young man in our centers expressed frustration that they needed to hand something out around the time of these disasters, but then our great brochures arrived just in time.

Won't you please donate to our cause? At the bronze level, you can donate $200, or at the silver level, $3000, or at the gold level, $50,000. Better yet, donate $700,000 at the platinum level. You can do it, you know you can. Do it for the kittens! You can even donate online at www.wedontneedyourmoney.com and save us the cost of postage! Hurry and donate today!

Thank you for caring,

  • I.Huff Kittens
  • Executive Director