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“Neo-conseratives are the only people who are both new and old at the same moment in time.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Predacon Party

Predacon Party
Foundation February 28, 1854
Political ideology Circumcision
Color(s) Red

The Predacon Party, whose member are known as Republicons, is a right wing party that has had such individuals as Calvin Coolidge, Charles Nelson Reilly, and George W. Bush. They are known for making business deals with members of Al Qaeda, despots, terrorists and other unsavory people, only to turn on them whenever they need a quick and easy enemy with which to distract people. This is called "Having a Mandate".

They oppose the Decepticon Party.

Party Color[edit]

The color of the Predacon Party is red. This is for two reasons:

  • It is the color of blood
  • Is is the color of anger

Members of the Predacon party have traditionally been angry and have enjoyed spilling blood, preferably the blood of other (i.e. non-white) races. The color was chosen since it reminded original members of some of their favorite pastimes, such as beating slaves and women. This proud tradition of anger and blood spilling continues into the present day, with the exception of the beating of slaves, since it is no longer legal to own them.

If they wanted slaves they would change the law. They do not hate your civil liberties, as if they did not want you to have them, they would take them away. They are not fascists, they are not working for the greater glory of America, they are just inadequate.

^Why do they constantly try to curtail them then?


The Predacon party has been around for quite some time, but only recently have their views changed to accommodate the newest threats to their establishment. They have many ideals, some more important then others, but mostly, it boils down to:

  • Have a Preemptive strike on anything that is against their national interests(such as sneezes or kittens)
  • Pro Iraq War(or any war for that matter), to get imports on the overseas energon crystals very cheap
  • Equating private behavior with treason
  • Equating treason with Fraternity Pranks
  • Pro Drilling in Alaska to harvest the energon crystals
  • Pro War on Terror, and the lesser known, Terri Schiavo
  • Kill and/or decimate the Al-Qaida resistance in Russia
  • Hate that "civil liberties" BS
  • War on Terra
  • Summary execution of all homosexuals by firing squad.

Famous Members[edit]

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