Richard M Stallman Vs. Linus Torvalds

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“That Linus Torvalds, is, like, the biggest glory grabber ever. Just look what he did to GNU.”

~ Richard M. Stallman on Linus Torvalds dismissing GNU in the name of the Linux OS
Fsck you, you fag.

“Hey! I wrote your fricking operating system!”

“Shut the fuck up. You only wrote one tiny bit: the kernel. I wrote the rest.”

~ RMS on GNU/Linux

“No one calls it GNU/Linux, fuckwit. It's Linux.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Linux Naming Controversy

“Debian does.;-P”

~ Richard M. Stallman on Debian: Linux for Communists

“Ian Murdock's a fag like you.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Homosexuality in FLOSS

“Fuck off: it was named Debian because of 'Deborah' and 'Ian', his WIFE!”

~ RMS on Ian Murdock's Marital Status

“Hey, at least he, like me, has a wife ;-).”

~ Linus Torvalds on RMS's marital status

“I'm married to Free Software.”

~ RMS on RMS's marital status

“I always knew you were a fag.”

“You know, if you're so interested in gays you must be gay yourself!”

~ RMS on Lame comebacks

“Would it matter if I was gay?”

~ Linus Torvalds on His Sexuality


~ RMS on Linus' Sexuality

“Because you want to screw me, fag?”

~ Linus Torvalds on RMS' Sexuality

“I'll kill you.”

~ RMS's intolerence towards those who don't use Free software

“What with, asswipe?”

~ Linus Torvalds on Lame invented swearwords

“My uber kung-fu skills”

~ RMS on RMS' Uber Kung-Fu skills

“Foobar. You don't have uber kung-fu skills.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Americans' lack of Uber Kung-Fu skills

“Neither do you”

~ RMS on Europeans' lack of Uber Kung-Fu skills

“Oh yeah? I've got a gun. Mao said never argue with the barrel of a gun”

~ Linus Torvalds on The Cultural Revolution


~ RMS on Communism in the modern world

“Hey, I'm not the president of the FSF!”

~ Linus Torvalds on Cold hard facts.


~ RMS on Quoting South Park
I may be a fag, BUT I AM NOT A FAT ASS!

“Real mature, Richard.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Maturity

“It doesn't matter that you have a gun, cos I have a lightsaber”

~ RMS on Using fictional weapons from Star Wars in real life

“Nu-uh. I have a maroon lightsaber, and maroon lightsabers pwn whatever you have.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Using fictional fictional weapons for Star Wars in real life

“You n00b, there's no such thing as a maroon lightsaber”

~ RMS on Technical details of Star Wars

“You're the n00b for caring. Boyah!”

~ Linus Torvalds on How geeks ain't cool

“Unlike Linus, I can speak and write Greek.”

~ RMS on Greek philosophy consortium.

“Unlike RMS,I can speak L33t in a binary.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Binary L33t chat room

“You're a geek”

~ RMS on Geeks

“You're a nerd”

~ Linus Torvalds on Nerds

“Geeks are worse than nerds.”

~ RMS on Nerd Vs. Geek debates

“Nu-uh. Seth Cohen is a geek and he's uber cool”

“The O.C. sucks balls”

~ RMS on obviousness

Your mom sucks balls”

~ Linus Torvalds on Irregular incest

“Jesus Christ, take credit for the OS, just don't bring that phrase into this”

~ RMS on How Your Mom is the world's worst phrase. Ever

“Fine then. I never mention you-know-what again, I get full credit for Linux. And Emacs.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Emacs

“Ha!Linus Torvalds Confesses to Stealling GNU

~ RMS on Referencing

“Hey, that was written by Oscar Wilde!!!”

~ Linus Torvalds on Uncyclopedia


~ RMS on Uncyclopedia

“You're not allowed to cite encyclopedias!”

~ Linus Torvalds on Havard Citation System

“You calling Uncyclopedia an encyclopedia?”

~ RMS on getting agitated at the insult heaped on Uncyclopedia

“Well at least it is better than Wikipedia.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Factual online content

“I agree, Wikipedia is shit. They banned me from it for no reason.”

~ RMS on Wikipedia's thought police

“It must have been all of that gay hardcore porn you wrote on it.”

~ Linus Torvalds on RMS' hobbies

“Yeah but at least I cited my sources!”

~ RMS on Researching the gay porn industry

“Too bad you cannot program your own kernel, bitch!”

~ Linus Torvalds on Kernel hacking

“At least I don't get into fights with the GNOME people.”

~ RMS on Linux infighting

“The GNOME project uses sloppy code, all I did was make suggestions to plug memory leaks and make it easier for the user to use.”

~ Linus Torvalds on Extreme Programming

“Hah! If people wanted easier to use they can always use Windows or a Mac. Linux is more for the hardcore geek who already knows how a computer works”

~ RMS on Linux targeted user base

“We are never going to take over Windows and Mac market share unless we work together to write better code and easier to use software in Linux.”

~ Linus Torvalds on a strategy about taking market share away from Windows and Mac OSX

“Too bad you are just a Fin-Head RMS wannabe.”

~ RMS on Taunting Linus

“Oh yeah? Well even Bill Gates writes better code than you!”

~ Linus Torvalds on quality software programming

Bill Gates couldn't suck his own cock if he wanted to”

~ RMS on Insults of his programming skills

“That is what my dad used to say”

~ Linus Torvalds on his father


~ RMS on awkward silence

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