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The agenda of the Free Sockpuppet Foundation is to promote the Gnu free documentation license, a manifesto which proclaims that texts about gnus should be freely available to all.

Slogans[edit | edit source]

Tired of the herd mentality, they have adopted the slogan "gnu ideas for gnu individuals" and are lobbying for gnu rights in countries ranging from Gnu Zealand to Gnu Scotland, demanding an end to predation by lions and hyenas. Some banter has been kicking around in their inner circles about changing their slogan to "Wut up my ginger’s?" So far all efforts to work that into their mantra have failed as they have all developed skin like that of Gollum from lack of sun exposure. They have therefore decided to demand as part of their campaign that the sun should become less exposing.

Earlier campaign & recent campaigns[edit | edit source]

The name Free Sockpuppet Foundation dates to an earlier campaign, which demanded that puppets made from old socks be made available free of charge, as the supply of unmatched socks is virtually limitless after The Invisible Pink Unicorn eats one of each pair in the wash. Subsequent campaigns centered on the education of the herd to convince them that a Gnu-free documentation license should not mean that documentation must be free of references to gnus in every context. Gnus are critters too and, according to the FSF, should not be marginalised by software and documentation being rendered gnu-free.

Current demands include the creation of a gnu, revised version of Wikipedia:Wildebeest, bestowing formal recognition upon their gnu nation.

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