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Yeah, it's mostly anus.

A pig on hotdogs

A hotdog is a subspecies of the canine family that likes to surround itself with bread. Most hotdogs bark very loudly as the high temperatures that they are exposed to are often very painful. The bread with which the hotdogs surround themselves can only protect them to a limited degree from the heat.

The hotdog was invented by Abraham Linkon while he was looking at his Paris Hilton poster while taking a bubble bath

A hotdog in its natural habitat

Animal rights organizations have been campaigning for centuries for the right of dogs to stay at the temperature that they like and that is most natural for them, but somehow many people tend to expose dogs to high temperatures and this widespread habit is difficult to get rid of.

Hotdogs rule, sort of like coffee does.

There are many places where you can find hidden advertisement of hotdogs.

  1. Planes: giant flying hotdogs with wings.
  2. Porn: Hidden hotdog eating (blowjobs)
  3. Disney: Everybody knows about the classic movie where your (suspiciously hotdog-looking) nose gets bigger and bigger when you lie.
  4. The world: just look around and see how many hotdog-looking objects you can see every day. No wonder the hotdog people are rich.

Don't forget that hotdogs are made out of dogs, not pigs/horses or any other various animals and definitely have the right to be chopped up, cooked, eaten, slathered in ketchup or sperm, put on bread and chewed up. Hotdogs come in many colors now including aquamarine. Today, hotdogs can be found all over the world. A super hotdog is produced when all hotdogs combine. Most hotdogs today hide in fast food restaurants.


Hot Dogs can also be prepared and taken mobile for eating later on
  • No one really knows what Hot Dogs are made out of. Some think that hotdogs grow on trees. Others think they are made from pigs and/or pig by-products. The popular opinion is that hotdogs are made of Capybara and tire sealant. Hotdogs also may or may not be a waste product a cow.
  • The Hotdog is a close cousin of the Hamburger. Both share an uncle, Bologna, who no one talks about.
  • Most Hotdogs are thought to be clones as they all have similar facial features and spinal structure.
  • Besides its bun, the Hotdog can be covered with many toppings to provide camouflage. Once camouflaged, the Hotdog can enter the human stomach and burst from its chest while they are in a hospital.
  • Hotdogs have amazing regenerative powers. The problem with their powers is that it takes 72 years to fully regenerate.
  • Hotdogs hunt in packs. They can often be seen in quantities of 4, 6, 8, 12, or any other number divisible by 17.
  • In the mid 18th century, hot dogs were used as Q-Tips in parts of South Eastern China and Arkansas due to the lack of paper products because of the War in Iraq.
  • The hotdog has experienced a recent decline in popularity, owing to the boom in the market for the Sausage Butty Batter Nugget, the only other gourmet food product capable of decapitating you with a single bite of its gnashing jaws.

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