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Don't Droppings!

December 4: e-nternashonal Badt Ingrish Daiye

  • 1999 BC - l337 5p3ak 15 kr34t3d
  • 1776 - Da You-S de-feat Ingrand een Teh Wor off Eendie pen dance
  • 1918 - Wootroow Weelsoon, taht vas zum presidant zum der Ooonitid Steeeets, goeing tu Verseis en sa-id sheep too speek off piss toks vith teh kontrees, hoo fuight en WWW1.
  • 1993 - FR4NK 24PP4 dooes.
  • 1999 - Sum idyot furst zpealls "owned" vronglee ass "pwned"
  • 2006 - Und Jeebus sayd undo da poepple, "Whoom doo yoo tink eye am?", und da poepple repped, "You are the exhiological replication of our being, the vast immiturication of a higher homosapianism, the essence of zoology.", und Jeebuz sez, "Eh?"