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Biographies are the first list to tackle here.

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In the world of fake encyclopedias, there has always been one great rivalry: Wikipedia vs. Uncyclopedia. Each has pursued its goal of being a great fake encyclopedia by different methods. Uncyclopedia by wit, satire, vindictive dictatorial admins, and users with no life; Wikipedia by "facts," "research," committees, and rules-lawyering dicks who revert you when they don't think you are right. Up until now the great duel has been carried out amidst the chaos of the internet, where every page is in flux, and people can't spel wurth a dam. Both have remained fake encyclopedias... until now.

In an ambitious move, Wikipedia has taken the step of actually trying to ensure a core of quality articles; articles which it might eventually use to invade the land of print that was conquered long ago by Guttenburg. They've already posted a list of the articles they consider to be vital here, publicly. That was their first mistake. Because I say, "anything they can do, we can do better!"

I propose we begin our own project to take this same core of articles and raise them from the mud, casting off the shackles of crappy writing and the filth of stupid memes, elevating each of them to feature quality. When we are done we will not have merely informative articles, we will have humor, satire, humour, and wit! We will continue to triumph over our enemy, the dread Wikipedia.

How to Begin[edit]

Because there are a relatively large number of articles on Wikimedia's list of vital articles, and because we are few in number and have not featured many articles on traditional encyclopedia topics, we need to begin small. For this reason, Isra1337 has arbitrarily decided to start with biographies. Also because the canonical list of vital articles at wikimedia is still in a state of flux, we will primarily be working with our own sporked copy of that list here. The page is in Isra1337's user space, but anyone who decides to contribute to the project can edit it. If you find an article that you want to work on here or even here, feel free to add it to our list. Similarly, if you think that something on our list is inappropriate and/or it is no longer on wikimedia's list, you can remove it. (Leave a note on the talk page though.)

The easiest way to help is to find a page on the list that we don't have and write it, or to find one we do have and improve it to the point where it is feature quality. Biographies can be somewhat difficult, but fortunately most of these people have done something or written something that can be the main focus of the article, ignoring tales of childhood and jokes about anachronistic birthdates. Reading up on a person is always helpful before mocking them.

Determining Quality[edit]

The goal of this project is to bring every article on our list up to feature quality. While the easiest way to know that something is feature quality is to see it featured in VFH, we are talking about a lot of articles, so that is unlikely. Articles you write or improve for this project are of course still eligible to be featured the old way, and those that are will automagically be counted certified, most articles will probably be certified by a process within this project.

That process will be to have normal users vote on a page's worthiness on pages laid out much like another voting page. The current prototype for our voting model is at User:Isra1337/vital/biography. It consists of a table of articles, each with a link to their counterpart on Wikipedia, a link to a voting page, and any information about status. At the time of this writing there is already one certified article, and several pages with the status of voting. Everyone is encouraged to read as many articles as they can and to leave their votes, comments, and signature on the corresponding voting pages.

After Certification[edit]

After a page is certified as feature quality, we will add a template to it. That template is still undetermined, but my current thoughts are something like this, which simply places a star in the top-right corner of the article, like the one that appears on Wikipedia's featured articles. The talk page for this description is probably a good place to discuss this.


Because we will be doing quality control on a limited number of articles, this project will also give us an opportunity to impose some consistency on the pages. Categories, in particular, are used and named very erratically here, and at least for the hundred or so pages here we could try to impose some method on the madness.