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Greetings, wonderer, and welcome to my writing desk. Here, you will find the articles I created, as well as works in progress. Final drafts of my work are located under the header "My Articles". Below the articles I have created, you will find articles made by others that I enjoy. Below that, you will find my rough drafts of articles of which I am currently in the process of writing. If I have completed a work in progress and moved it over to the mainspace, the rough draft will be slashed out and will be redirected to the final draft. Articles that are my personal favorites are marked with a baphomet. (Baphomet.jpg--this) Feel free to peruse at your own pleasure. If you want to make these articles funnier, by all means edit them. Just don't vandalize them, lest you want to make me angry.

Articles in bold denote an article that has been featured.

Articles in italics denote an article that has been quasi-featured.

My Articles

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Articles made by other people that I love

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