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On this page is an archive of all the IRC conversations I have had. I only post conversations that I feel are of greatest amusement to the average reader. Feel free to browse and read all you want. There is no charge.

From January[edit]

See here

1 February, 2007[edit]

[16:07] <Insineratehymn> howdy
[16:08] <DiZtheGreat> oh, it's you
[16:08] <Braydie> hi
[16:08] <tompkins> I work on CST, and sometimes CDT
[16:08] <DiZtheGreat> are you here to apologize?
[16:08] <Insineratehymn> no
[16:08] <tompkins> or is it the other way around...
[16:08] <Braydie> heh
[16:08] <DiZtheGreat> >:-(
[16:08] <DiZtheGreat> the nerve!
[16:08] <Insineratehymn> :P
[16:08] <NeoZidane_> what did burningpsalm do?
[16:09] <DiZtheGreat>
[16:09] <tompkins> This psalm psisses me off.
[16:09] <DiZtheGreat> direct yourself to my ridicuoulsy long rant
[16:09] <Flameviper> Hi!
[16:10] <Flameviper> For some bizarre reason my browser asplode
[16:10] <DiZtheGreat> that usually happens in the presence of heathens
[16:10] <DiZtheGreat> *cough*insineratehymn*cough*
[16:10] <Braydie> lol DiZ
[16:10] <Insineratehymn> and you are an infidel
[16:10] <NeoZidane_> Dixxy, masterpiece rant
[16:10] <DiZtheGreat> least i'm not a heretic
[16:10] <Insineratehymn> I didn't mean you, Braydie
[16:10] <DiZtheGreat> thank you zid
[16:11] <Braydie> :)
[16:11] <DiZtheGreat> yes, but that's not to say you couldn't use some Ouroboros in your life, too, Braydie
[16:11] <NeoZidane_> in a land of "this is suxx0rs" it stands out
[16:11] <Insineratehymn> Ouroboros is a gay donut!
[16:11] <Insineratehymn> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!
[16:11] <Mhaille> hey.....don't diss heathens
[16:12] <NeoZidane_> hell, i would want to rant about your rant
[16:12] <DiZtheGreat> do it
[16:12] <DiZtheGreat> i encourage rants in all their incarnations
[16:12] <JackMort> when the president talks to god i wonder which one plays the better cop, we should find some jobs the ghetto's broke, no they're lazy george i say we don't, just give 'em more liquor stores and lazy coke! that's what god recommends
[16:12] <DiZtheGreat> particularly those about me
[16:12] <NeoZidane_> ill try and get it in, but soon i have to remove thetans from my body
[16:12] <NeoZidane_> (shawa)
[16:13] <Braydie> just one thing DiZtheGreat: Why is it eating it's tail?
[16:13] <DiZtheGreat> is that Swahili for "cunt"?
[16:13] <NeoZidane_> maybe
[16:13] <JackMort> i'm literally COVERED in mites, and i thnk one of my kidneys has failed
[16:13] <DiZtheGreat> Braydie: it's a little thing we like to call symbolism
[16:13] <NeoZidane_> its engrish for shower, is all i knowsy
[16:13] <Braydie> ahh
[16:13] * Insineratehymn begins blatant article whoring of Contents
[16:13] * Braydie is non the wiser
[16:13] * Mhaille pures another pint of mead
[16:13] <DiZtheGreat> the self-infliction is represenatative of the perpetual cycle of creation and destruction
[16:13] <Insineratehymn> Everyone check out Contents!
[16:14] <DiZtheGreat> as the serpent consumes it's own flesh, it spawns new flesh so as to sustain itself
[16:14] <Mhaille> that contains some of the best content I have ever seen
[16:14] <Braydie> haha
[16:14] <JackMort> mhaille is pures a typo of pour or is it something you do, in mead production?
[16:14] <DiZtheGreat> etc. etc. teh moon adn teh stars blah blah blah
[16:14] <NeoZidane_> the audio of the article is pretty nice
[16:14] <NeoZidane_> very ourobouros
[16:14] <Mhaille> its late, I'm drunk, an me no care
[16:14] <CRM-114> how does one submit a recently uploaded article that was accidentally uploaded by its author for deletion?
[16:14] <DiZtheGreat> NeoZidane_: yes, yes it is
[16:15] <DiZtheGreat> in every aspect of the One
[16:15] * zombieninja666 is confused
[16:15] <DiZtheGreat> zombieninja666: you should be
[16:15] <DiZtheGreat> this IS #uncycloepdia last i checked
[16:15] * NeoZidane_ turns into Content zombie
[16:15] <JackMort> i drank mead once, one mead over the line, and was sick nin a shower
[16:15] <zombieninja666> I just b& myself from my own chatroom.
[16:15] <Braydie> CRM-114: What happened?
[16:15] <NeoZidane_> content
[16:15] <NeoZidane_> content
[16:15] <Insineratehymn> contents
[16:16] <CRM-114> I uh, clicked the wrong button
[16:16] * NeoZidane_ is content with not flooding
[16:16] <NeoZidane_> content
[16:16] <JackMort> hands up who just ate a crunchie
[16:16] <DiZtheGreat> isn't mead like water, and fermented honey?
[16:16] <JackMort> it's like honey beer
[16:16] <zombieninja666> How do I get back in?
[16:16] <DiZtheGreat> well, basically, that's what i meant
[16:16] <DiZtheGreat> can water fermetn if you add sugar?
[16:16] <DiZtheGreat> *ferment
[16:17] <JackMort> no, has to contain sugar to ferment
[16:17] <Mhaille> don't think so
[16:17] <DiZtheGreat> hmmm
[16:17] <DiZtheGreat> can fruit cups fermetn?
[16:17] <JackMort> yes
[16:17] <zombieninja666> yes
[16:17] <DiZtheGreat> sweeet
[16:17] <whiteside> anything that's a good medium for yeasts or anaerobic bacteria can ferment
[16:18] * DiZtheGreat goes to find that month-old fruit cup he left in teh cellar
[16:18] <JackMort> any sugary liquid can ferment, but it might taste bad
[16:18] <zombieninja666> I got b& from #wikipedia, and I b& myself from #internetmilitary by accident.
[16:18] <JackMort> you could make wine from sugar-piss
[16:18] <JackMort> if you make wine from mushrooms it's poisonous, for some reason
[16:18] <ynnaD> and make piss from wine
[16:18] <DiZtheGreat> can semen ferment?
[16:18] <DiZtheGreat> *if you add sugar
[16:18] <ynnaD> it's a vicious circle
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> loo, ynnaD
[16:19] <JackMort> we have a plum tree in the garden, my dad made wine from that
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> err, *lol
[16:19] <zombieninja666> semen can ferment
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> omg are you serious?
[16:19] <zombieninja666> and it already has sugar
[16:19] <zombieninja666> I think
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> seriously?
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> omg i think i should try semen sometime
[16:19] <JackMort> i've eaten a whole christmas selection box thing tonight
[16:19] <DiZtheGreat> if it has sugar
[16:20] <JackMort> diz, i think you should try semen sometime
[16:20] <Mhaille> think that is more salty than sugary
[16:20] * DiZtheGreat ejaculates into his mouth
[16:20] =-= Bradasleep is now known as Bradaphraser
[16:20] <Olipro> ...
[16:20] <DiZtheGreat> salty????
[16:20] <JackMort> whos op
[16:20] <zombieninja666> ewww
[16:20] <Olipro> I'm not even going to ask why brad chose to appear
[16:20] <zombieninja666> noone
[16:20] <DiZtheGreat> omg why the fuck isn't this food??????
[16:20] <Bradaphraser> it was not a choice
[16:20] <JackMort> arcing spunk is surely kickworthy
[16:20] <Bradaphraser> it was forced upon me
[16:20] <Bradaphraser> not unlike Jack
[16:20] * DiZtheGreat collects his semen in a little jar
[16:21] <JackMort> haha
[16:21] <DiZtheGreat> i'll save THIS for later
[16:21] <Olipro> JackMort: that's hilarious, but disgusting
[16:21] <JackMort> oli, like myself
[16:21] <Bradaphraser> he's right, you know
[16:21] <Olipro> am I the only one who wonders if DiZ actually does sample his own brand?
[16:21] <JackMort> i've never forced myself on anyone who didn't deserve it
[16:21] <zombieninja666> Will my IP adress change if I press this glowing blue button?
[16:21] <Bradaphraser> it's the electricution button
[16:21] <Bradaphraser> don't press it
[16:22] <Flameviper> Here.
[16:22] <Flameviper>
[16:22] <Bradaphraser> it's actually called the "Darwin button"
[16:22] <Bradaphraser> but nobody knows why
[16:22] <DiZtheGreat> Olipro: that's for me to know, and you to lie awake in your bed pondering all night
[16:22] <Flameviper> I actually have to go now
[16:22] <Olipro> no... I don't care that much
[16:22] <Flameviper> I'll see you either later today, or tomorrow.
[16:22] <DiZtheGreat> cause rest assured, i know you do NOT ewant to find out
[16:22] <zombieninja666> the darwin awards is why
[16:22] <Bradaphraser> oh, right
[16:23] <Braydie> how's it going brad?
[16:23] <Bradaphraser> not bad
[16:23] <Bradaphraser> how about with you?
[16:23] <Braydie> it's going alright
[16:23] <zombieninja666> I din't get electrocuted, yay!
[16:23] <DiZtheGreat> kay, time for me to head off
[16:23] <Braydie> cya DiZ
[16:23] <DiZtheGreat> goobye everyone
[16:23] <Olipro> bye diz
[16:23] <Insineratehymn> hey Brad, have you checked out this cool article called Contents?
[16:23] <Olipro> you goddamn weirdo
[16:23] <zombieninja666> bye
[16:23] <DiZtheGreat> c yal
[16:23] <Braydie> lol @ olipro
[16:24] <Bradaphraser> indeed
[16:24] <Bradaphraser> I was the first to take it off of VFH
[16:24] <DiZtheGreat> Olipro: don't ahte me cause i found an endless energy source before you did
[16:24] <zombieninja666> Gah, it din't work. >:-(
[16:24] <Bradaphraser> bye DiZ

13 February, 2007[edit]

[18:04] <Insineratehymn> I want to apologize for bad behavior
[18:04] <Insineratehymn> Me am sorry for removing word from another user's comment
[18:05] <Braydie> you don't think this Talk:Contents thing isn't getting out of hand?
[18:05] <ENeGMA> did I just fuck something up on Talk:Contents?
[18:05] <Insineratehymn> Well, it's just that I hate it when people diss an article I like
[18:05] <Insineratehymn> In this case, Contents
[18:06] <ENeGMA> I would just like to point out, for the record, that it isn't an article per se
[18:07] <sannse> neither are many "articles" that are well loved... the thing is none of it is cause for excessive upset
[18:07] <ENeGMA> that's why I stay out of pointless edit wars like this one, it's unproductive
[18:07] <Insineratehymn> I'm sorry for my behavior :(
[18:07] <Zombiebaron> :)
[18:08] <Zombiebaron> I'm sure you are
[18:08] <Zombiebaron> that's why you will sit out your ban like a big boy
[18:08] <Insineratehymn> :(
[18:08] <ENeGMA> and, in addition to that, you'll be forced to listen to me talk for the duration of the ban
[18:08] <ENeGMA> so
[18:09] <ENeGMA> pencils vs. pens
[18:09] <zombieninja666> Indiana Jones.
[18:09] <ENeGMA> often an intransigent debate
[18:09] <ENeGMA> wouldn't you agree?
[18:09] <Insineratehymn> In that case, I go play Command & Conquer Generals for an hour
[18:09] <Zombiebaron> :)
[18:09] <Zombiebaron> sounds like it may releave some stress
[18:09] <ENeGMA> tendentious, even
[18:09] <Braydie> ENeGMA: I agree
[18:09] <zombieninja666> pens ftw
[18:09] <ENeGMA> truculent, often
[18:09] <Braydie> pencils, you can change
[18:09] * sannse contemplates banning Zombiebaron for not being able to spell "jurisdiction"
[18:10] <Braydie> pens are bold
[18:10] <Braydie for the man who knows what he is doing
[18:10] <ENeGMA> "pen" is part of "penis"
[18:10] <ENeGMA> which ties into the assertive nature of the pen
[18:10] <ENeGMA> "pencil" however, has the superfluity of the "cil"
[18:10] * Insineratehymn laughs because ENeGMA said "penis"
[18:10] <ENeGMA> nobody knows what the fuck that means
[18:10] <ENeGMA> it's effete
[18:10] <ENeGMA> French people use Pencils
[18:11] <Braydie> bah, French
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> sannse: You've always known I couldn't spell...
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> :)
[18:11] <zombieninja666> so, the general agreement seems to be pens.
[18:11] <ENeGMA> well, of course
[18:11] <ENeGMA> if there happened to be a pencil lover in here
[18:11] <ENeGMA> we'd promptly ban him
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> ENeGMA shut up
[18:11] <Insineratehymn> pen(i)s?
[18:11] <Whiteside> I use a pen
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> now
[18:11] <ENeGMA> then tar and feather him
[18:11] <sannse> well yeah, and I can't either... but...meh
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> :)
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> I probably should have googled it
[18:11] <Whiteside> I buy them from Pen Island
[18:11] <Zombiebaron> that would have corrected the spelling
[18:12] <Zombiebaron> but, it takes more work
[18:12] <zombieninja666> I use pecils! O=
[18:12] <ENeGMA> doubtlessly a pencil lover
[18:12] <Zombiebaron> and, making people guess what I mean is fun
[18:12] <Zombiebaron> :)
[18:12] <ENeGMA> that's why often I write in self-fashioned forms of cryptography
[18:13] <ENeGMA> for example, that previous line was a deftly hidden insult to your mother
[18:13] <Braydie> Zombiebaron: Like saying "Grugn J'ahh belig'h ka'd'f" ?
[18:13] <Insineratehymn> jkdapowievnwaov weqpcoeiqmpitu qwpoeiqcmoiuqp mitcyeqpoiw?
[18:13] <Zombiebaron> Braydie: Flip Flop Splat Bang Tompkins
[18:13] <ENeGMA> no thanks Insinerate, I've had enough of those for one evening
[18:14] <Braydie> heh
[18:15] <Insineratehymn> I change my mind. I stay in here until ban lifts.
[18:15] <ENeGMA> we'll see about that
[18:15] <ENeGMA> so, favorite type of noodle
[18:15] <Insineratehymn> I like Ramen
[18:16] <Insineratehymn> I call them "pretty noodles"
[18:16] <Insineratehymn> I also like lasagna
[18:16] <Zombiebaron> Insinerate: Just don't go bat fuck insane after your ban ;)
[18:17] <Insineratehymn> Zombiebaron: ok, fine
[18:17] <Zombiebaron> good
[18:17] <Insineratehymn> although there is a chance of that happening if I don't take pills on regular basis
[18:17] <Zombiebaron> OH MY GOD KP JUST MADE AN EDIT
[18:17] <zombieninja666> So, who here thinks I'm gay?
[18:17] <zombieninja666> literally.
[18:18] <Insineratehymn> I don't
[18:18] <Braydie> bloody hell
[18:18] <sannse> who here cares?
[18:18] <zombieninja666> no one.
[18:18] <sannse> quite
[18:18] <zombieninja666> who cares about lit up boobs?
[18:18] <zombieninja666> well, me.
[18:18] <sannse> me.
[18:18] <Jocke_Pirat> Jerry falwell
[18:18] <Braydie> sannse loves boobs
[18:19] <Braydie> hi Jocke
[18:19] <Jocke_Pirat> Hi
[18:19] <zombieninja666> o:
[18:19] <zombieninja666> hi
[18:19] <Zombiebaron> sannse is like a boob jockie
[18:19] <Zombiebaron> she knows all about them
[18:19] <Insineratehymn> OMG, SHE IS!?!
[18:19] <sannse> it's sort of in the job description (I'm mean being a lesbian, not working for Wikia)
[18:19] <Zombiebaron> kind of like jockies know about horses
[18:19] <zombieninja666> orly?
[18:19] <Insineratehymn> OMG, SANNSE A LESBIAN!?!
[18:19] <Zombiebaron> she knows about horses though
[18:20] <Braydie> sannse: wait, you don't have to love boobs when working at wikia?
[18:20] <Zombiebaron> its in here job discription at Wikia
[18:20] <zombieninja666> OMG REALLY!
[18:20] <sannse> Bradaway: no, ask Essjay :)
[18:20] <Zombiebaron> "must love horses"
[18:20] <sannse> arghhh!!!!!!!
[18:20] * Braydie high fives Brad
[18:20] <sannse> Braydie: no, ask Essjay.
[18:20] * Bradaway highs the five
[18:20] * Zombiebaron Bradaway
[18:20] * Bradaway Zombiebaron
[18:21] <LordKaT> ARGH
[18:21] <LordKaT> CLippy hath been reborn
[18:21] <LordKaT> His name is now Windows Vista.
[18:21] <LordKaT> Jesus, testing that install on a spare machine wasa bad idea.
[18:22] <Zombiebaron> ...
[18:22] * Zombiebaron is confused
[18:22] <Jocke_Pirat> Clippy was ditched in office 2007
[18:22] <ENeGMA> yeah, I'm going to be getting a new laptop soon
[18:22] <ENeGMA> and I'm making it a point NOT to get Vista
[18:23] <sannse> I just did that
[18:24] <LordKaT> Jocke_Pirat, go install vista and tell that to me.
[18:24] <LordKaT> Jesus, I've never clicked on "ok" so much in my life.
[18:24] <Insineratehymn> YAY! MY BAN IS LIFTED!
[18:24] <ENeGMA> I can't imagine how Vista could improve on XP
[18:24] <Insineratehymn> I can edit again!

20 March, 2007[edit]

[23:51] * Insineratehymn clears throat
[23:51] <Insineratehymn> FU SPANG

04 April, 2007[edit]

[20:22] <Insineratehymn> the girls of Uncyclopedia aren't talking all that much
[20:22] <Insineratehymn> are they shy?
[20:22] <MathPoet> there are GIRLS here?
[20:22] <MathPoet> Oooh.
[20:23] <Insineratehymn> MathPoet: yeah, there's sannse, keitei, Caitlai ...
[20:23] <Insineratehymn> err, PrincessCaitlai I mean

08 April, 2007[edit]

[17:01] * Olipro kills Insineratehymn
[17:01] <Insineratehymn> no you didn't
[17:01] <Insineratehymn> I'm still here
[17:01] <Olipro> fine
[17:01] <Olipro> have you seen Shandon around recently?
[17:02] <Insineratehymn> oh yeah, she's in the trunk of my car
[17:02] <Insineratehymn> without her skin
[17:02] <Insineratehymn> I ate it
[17:02] <Olipro> O_o
[17:02] <Olipro> Shandon's a he
[17:02] <Olipro> mistaken identity...
[17:02] <Insineratehymn> that's what I meant
[17:02] <Olipro> never mind
[17:02] <Insineratehymn> I ate his skin

09 April, 2007[edit]

[13:35] <Insineratehymn> PrincessCaitlai, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you press it up against mine?
[13:35] <HanSolo> ...
[13:35] <JohnTechno> O_o
[13:35] <Hinoa> /cs op #uncyclopedia PrincessCaitlai
[13:35] <Hinoa> Er.
[13:35] <Hinoa> >_>
[13:36] <HanSolo> ...
[13:36] <Hinoa> Exit, stage right...
[13:36] <--| Hinoa has left #uncyclopedia