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The other (arguably funnier) Samuel Horwitz
My plates :) (Created by Rcmurphy)
Commander of the Order

“If Samuel Horwitz isn't the greatest member of Uncyclopedia, then I never said this quote.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Samuel "Insertwackynamehere" Horwitz

Welcome to my Uncyclopedia page! I am Maj Sir Insertwackynamehere Icons-world.gif CUN VFH VFP Bur. CMInsertwackynamehere, a proud Commander of the Order of Uncyclopedia.

About Me

My name is Samuel Horwitz (Russian: Сэмюэль Хорвитз). I own I enjoy programming, web design, writing funny stuff, gaming, and wasting time on the internet.

In January 2005, Uncyclopedia was created. In March 2005, Uncyclopedia was discovered by Insertwackynamehere and has never been the same since. Okay, maybe it hasn't change that drastically, but there are some differences. In fact I remember back when the main page didn't resemble Wikipedia's at all! Those were the days, this stupid new main page and its new-fangled resemblance!

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  • insertwackynamehere
  • insertwackynamehere57
  • inswackynamehere
  • wacky

Where To Find Me



  • Blue is a channel where I'm a regular.
  • Dark Blue is a channel where I am sometimes found.
  • Purple is a channel where I idle more than usual.
  • Red is a channel where I'd be if I wasn't perma-banned.
  • Dark Red is a channel where I may/may not be banned.

World Wide Web




  • samuel DOT horwitz AT verizon DOT net
  • wacky AT wackyhq DOT com
  • wacky AT thethresh DOT com

Instant Messaging

  • AIM - inswackynamehere
  • YIM - insertwackynamehere57


He's made some cool articles, and I know him in real life. It should also be noted that the VFD in his name does not have anything to do with VFD and he is not an Uncyclopedian Commander, but actually just a Commander of the VFD (not Uncyclopedia's VFD, another one).

Cool guy I know from the internets.

Another cool guy from the internets.

Invented the whole Uncyclopedia ranking system

Inducted me into Commanderhood by being the final hand in making my image featured

Another cool Uncyclopedian, whom I annoy with edit conflicts, muahaha!

Yet another great Uncyclopedian! (although Great Uncyclopedian is a redundant phrase anyway)

And another cool Uncyclopedian!

And yet another cool Uncyclopedian!


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