United States of Tyranny and Dictators

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The writer of this article is an American Liberal and has a tree huggin', baby clubbin' outlook.

They may even work at the ACLU or, worse, be an unelected liberal activist judge. For information on the best way to save our great nation from scum like this watch Fox News (Psst. They're probably also a communist. Quick! Inform HUAC!)

United States of Tyranny and Dictators
Flag of the United States United States coat of Arms
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "You're either with us or against us"
National Anthem: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Government System Psychotic Dictatorship
Official language Redneck and Gringo
Capital Washington, D.C.
President George Dubya Bush
Legitimate President Dick Cheney
National Heroes Stupid people! For example, Fred Phelps,Adolph Hitler, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Joseph McCarthy, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter
Independence July 4th, 1776
Currency Imperial Dollar
Religion Conservatism
No. 1 Export War
Imports Dead soldiers in body bags, terrorists, illegal immigrants
National Policy: Re-introduction of slavery, Tax cuts for the rich, Repress teaching of evolution, and Introduction of the death penalty for homosexuality, fornication, and adultery
Foreign Policy: Own the World
Ethnic Groups : 50% Redneck Inbreds, a subspecies of human. 37% bleeding heart liberal socialists trying to overthrow the government. 13% Terrorist sleeper cells.

The United States of Tyranny and Dictators is a small, religious, nation tucked between Soviet Canuckistan and the Banana Republic of Illegal Immigration. It is lead by corrupt dictator and his corporate cronies. The USTD is noted for its complete absence of public healthcare, public education, and social welfare. Anyone who speaks out against the regime faces either imprisonment or death. There is a state run television station which spews government propaganda in order to control the minds of the nations people. Intellectuals are regularly rounded up and shipped off to detention centers for extraordinary rendition. Government run media outlets praise the regime for its extensive civil and political rights but hide that fact that dissidents are marginalized and imprisoned for speaking out against the regime and elections are merely done as a formality, the winner is selected in advance. There is a one party state in power, the Republicrat party and the exectutive branch has supreme control. The other branches of government are merely symbolic and the Dictator has veto power over all decisions of the House and Senate.

Alleged Terrorist Training Camp[edit]

In addition to being a terror-state, the United States of Tyranny and Dictators is also sponsors terrorism in many other parts of the world, especially Central and South America. This is done to insure US economic interests in these states. The public is brainwashed with propaganda which states all poor people are communists and the terrorists are liberators. Anyone who disagrees is labeled an extremist and is subject to persecution by the State. The USTD runs a terrorist training camp in Fort Benning, Georgia known as the School of the Assassins now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for American Hegemony. The government of the United States of Tyranny and Dictators as well as its proxies have been added to the United Nations Terror Watch List. Residents of the United States are fed propaganda that states the UN is a bunch of anti-United States, pinko, socialist, liberal, feminist, gay-loving, pussies.

Traitors to the State[edit]

The following people have been added on the State's terror watch list because of their subversive activities. They have been indicted on charges of high treason and if these fugitives are spotted, the authorities should be contacted immediately. Here is an incomplete list of all those who are traitors to the country call the police if seen

  • everbody
  • you
  • nawaz sharif

International Terrorists[edit]

Because of their anti-American activities, the following individuals have been added to the United States of Tyranny and Dictators foreign terror list:

Terrorist Organizations[edit]

The following groups have been labelled terrorist organizations by the Republican Party, Moral Majority, FBI, CIA, and KFC:

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