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This article was nominated for deletion on February 12, 2010

The result of the discussion was Keep.

Voted GOOD on Votes for Good, May 7, 2010
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Poop throwing monkeys
Uncyclopedia:Pages for deletion/archive201
Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes #36
Worst 100 Reflections on 2010 #87

When I LIKE PIE!!! still lived in the Uncy universe, Zany Park Happytimes suggested that he begin an article named "Poop throwing monkeys". Before he could step to the keyboard to work on his opus, he was suddenly huffed off the face of Sophia, gone, ashes to ashes, dusk to dusk, all he is is dust in the bin, yes. Now, to honor I LIKE PIE!!!'s tenure, please enjoy and add onto "Poop throwing monkeys". Aleister in Chains 00:56 10 Feb. MMX

Comment: Not to throw clods of feces or anything, but I was the one who suggested "Poop throwing monkeys" to I LIKE PIE!!! and although he *sniff* never gave me a nickname, I'm sure he would have probably done so (& used a banana-like theme) eventually. I dedicate this non-:'d talk page in his honor! R.I.P. Pieman!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280.jpg ~  10 Feb 2010 ~ 03:09 (UTC)

My mistake, fixed. When I read the page Zana's name stuck with me. Yo, man. Al 3:14 10 Feb. MMX

This is....[edit]

The best article since Euroipods. Bravo!Sir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 02:04, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

No, no, don't praise me. The spirit of I LIKE PIE!!! dwells, hovers, spiritlike, over the page. He is always with us. Aleister in Chains 2:09 10 Feb. MMX

More so than you know... —Paizuri MUN Talkpage My Contributions 02:10, 10 February 2010 (UTC)

I see what you mean, yo know, man. But the first incarnation still has a life all its own, and, hopefully, that former shadow pied-eyed child is what this page is dedicated to. Al 2:48 10 Feb. MMX

"Hello? Somebody.--I LIKE PIE!!! 14:38, January 17, 2010 (UTC)|I LIKE PIE!!!"
Sigh! He will be missed.  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280.jpg ~  10 Feb 2010 ~ 03:17 (UTC)


User:I LIKE PIE!!! on I LIKE PIE!!!

--Redlips10.gif Roman Dog Bird I hope you know I pack a chainsaw 20:10, February 10, 2010 (UTC)

Article realizations[edit]

From the long discussion on the VFH page I've now seen more to the article than I thought was there. Maybe I knew it subconsciously. The man comes to the zoo, dressed in a suit, and starts to enjoy the antics of the primates. Then the chimps do what chimps do, and soil his suit (a methaphor for "human" society) and within mere moments he has reverted to his primate state. Moments, it takes moments for a civilized man in a suit to become an ape. Which, of course, he actually is. Mere moments. VFH worthy? You know, maybe. Aleister in Chains 3:28 11 Feb. MMX

I took me a lot less time than a moment. SPLAT!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280.jpg ~  11 Feb 2010 ~ 03:37 (UTC)

The VFH page has been huffed, with a tally of 6-8. It can be read at Uncyclopedia:VFH/Poop throwing monkeys. Quite an experience, engaging in the discussion, and eye-opening in that as a result I like the article even more. Strange, how life plays. Al 3:42 11 Feb. MMX

With a tally of 6-8 against I'd say it was quite more successful than you first imagined. (I quite like the article too, simplistic as it may be.)  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280.jpg ~  11 Feb 2010 ~ 03:59 (UTC)

I should totally make a monkey throwing poop article.[edit]

Except make it good. DrStrange had a great suggestion.Sir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 11:44, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

I'd like to see it too, the Doc suggested a page where the poop throws the monkeys at the people. As for "Except make it good" that's a long way from your first comment above, "This is the best article since Euroipods. Bravo!" Who got to you, man? Did they use Enhanced Interrogation Techniques? Inglorius Basterds! Aleister in Chains 11:57 13 Feb. MMX
My mom.Sir ¬_¬ | Banter HOMOPHOBE!!! CUN.png Icons-flag-us.png NOTM 12:27, February 13, 2010 (UTC)
I knew it! Let's send the monkey troop over for some target practice. When your mom opens the door you can be hiding outside with a video cam---and next stop, YouTube! Aleister in Chains 13.00 13 Feb. MMX

I LIKE PIE!!! wins a prize and Cheddar is Featured in this issue

Category Pruning[edit]

I took this down to 30 categories. The next highest article is at 27, and there are only 9 articles with over 20 categories. Category spam is not funny, [if everybody did that, it would make the categories worthless] and it has been systematically been removed from articles by community consensus. --Mn-z 02:25, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

Ah, but the time honored tradition of an exception to the rule should be allowed, and this is what we ask here. As mentioned on your talk page, fully 84 categories directly relate to the page. In other words, the page fits into 84 categories without a stretch. Then, in the case of other categories which are fully joke categories in which all of the entrants are done for the humor value, there are a few that the page would fit in, such as (to be listed below). So, in this one instance, I would ask that the exception be allowed. Thank you for your kind attention. I am but the monkeys humble and obiedient servant, Aleister in Chains 22:23 19 3 mmx
Have checked with admin and there is no policy or community consensus on the number of categories. Have left only categories which do apply to the page, and are applicable to the topic. I did remove many categories which added a great deal of funny, including (to be added here). Thank you for your continued interest. A humble and obedient servant of the Poop throwing monkeys 12:00 21 3 Turning of the season MMX
After some thought, I decided that over-categorization isn't a major issue, so long as there is not mal-categorization. Even if it generates overflow, that can be dealt with by subcategorization. So basically I'm not going category purge this again, (but I may or may not remove blatant mal-categorization since we do have a concensus against that.) --Mn-z 22:01, March 22, 2010 (UTC)
Thanks. I don't know what mal-categorization is. Your concern did result in the removal of many "funny only" categories, and hopefully now the listing applies directl to the page itself. Aleister in Chains 3:00 23 3 2mx
Mal-categorization is placing an article an a category it clearly should not be in. That is different from over-categorization, which is adding to many categories, which can be done by adding overly broad categories, loosely related but still sorta relevant categories, or adding "joke categories" (that haven't been deleted yet). --Mn-z 21:01, March 23, 2010 (UTC)
I'd say that the page does fit all of the categories listed, as Poop throwing monkeys has much more depth, and poop, than it would seem on first glance. I am but a humble servant of the Poop throwing monkeys 13:52 28 3 mmx

Breaking News!!![edit]


Monkey lovin' has it's privileges?
The secret is out: ex-anthropologist's girlfriend is monkey lover/anthropologist hater!!!  Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280.jpg ~  16 Jul 2010 ~ 03:23 (UTC)

re: Category:Goat Blower[edit]

Ok, monkey's might not blow goats, but I disagree with the politics of at least one of these monkeys! --Mn-z 10:52, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

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