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Speaking of DeviantArt, you may think that the way to become famous is by posting real art and giving constructive critcism, but due to the """tastes""" of the so-called "artists", doing this is a big no-no. Instead, according to our top-notch research, we have found the best way to become famous on DeviantArt, and also become a loser on the internet and in real life.

First, sign up[edit | edit source]

As unlike Uncyclopedia, in DeviantArt without an account you can't even view mature content, let alone become famous. So, you first must make an account. When it comes to choosing your username, remember, some usernames rule out the possibility of you becoming famous. A username ending with the suffix "-Chan" guarantees that you have a shot at fame. Around 70% of Deviants end their usernames with either "-Chan", "-San", or "-Kun", or name themselves after anime characters, as it makes them almost Japanese, the highest ranking in DeviantArt society. Any name that sounds Japanese also rocks. Your avatar should be an original character. If you don't have one, make it a random meme. Bonus points if the meme is unfunny. This works since Deviants like memes, but don't like humor/humour. If you don't want a meme, make your avatar just boobs. This may get you banned, so be careful. GIFs earn bonus points in any category. My Little Pony pictures with random Outdated and unfunny captions also rock like a beast, as most members are MLP addicts. They are often seen as the most prestigious of all avatars.

The best avatar ever.

So, now you have registered an account and chosen your avatar, you have several options. You can either be an artist, a photographer, a poet/fiction writer, a fetishist, or a critic! Let's'a go!

The Artist[edit | edit source]

As an artist, as we previously said, submitting TRUE and HONEST art is NOT AN OPTION. Instead, if you want to be famous, you must find some not-so-innovative subjects to draw.

Anime[edit | edit source]

Drawing anime is the most common way that people become famous on DeviantArt, withNaruto, Jew-Gay-Oh!, Pokémon and Digimon being the elite 4. Although anime can make you somewhat popular, it, alone, is not enough. You have to make them fuck! Yaoi is top-tier, as most female Deviants are yaoi fangirls and see yaoi as the highest form of art.. Try to make more creative pairings, such as (Yugi X Atem). YOU WILL BE WORSHIPED BY MILLIONS as the god of shit. Secondly, hentai is highly recommended. Your weapon of choice should be 11-year-old lolis (don't tell the admins that she is 11-years-old, as the admins can pwn you) with boobs the size of basketballs and underwear. You will attract thousands of wapanese middle-aged men. Remember, incest is WINCEST! Try drawing Misty, May and Dawn having an awesome threesome. You will get at least 1000 favourites. Iris is just shitty. Don't even attempt to draw her.

Furries[edit | edit source]

Furries are another weapon you can use to become famous. If you decide to go down the furry path, you have 4 styles to choose from: standard, Sonic, Pokémon, Digimon, and if you're feeling brave, Sonichu. You will also create a personal army made of fantards to attack people who don't like your "FUCKING FANTASTIC" "art".

If you want to go standard, you first must choose a fursona. Although you may become famous with a fursona of some animal nobody has ever heard of such as an Isopod or a Planarian, you are far more likely to be successful if you choose a fox, dog, or a fluffy animal. However, your highest chances come with wolves. Remember: WOLVES. ARE. THE. KINGS. OF. FURSONAS.DeviantArt is also heaven for wolfaboos, and BY GAWD, wolves are cool. Gay furries will sexualize it to death, though.

Once you've designed your fursona, you must choose what to do with it. There are not many choices, besides Rough Gay Wolf Sex, Rough Gay Wolf Rape, and, of course, yiff. If you continue down this path for long enough, you will eventually have a personal army over 1,000 strong.

You can also go for the Sonic style. It is strongly advised that you create an "original" character. He MUST be Sonic/Shadow's lost brother, and for his appearance we advise you to make him a green Sonic with round patterns of some kind, or even a Sonichu. Unlike for furries, Sonic characters do not require yiff, although they must have a backstory that reads like it was written by a 12-year-old.

you will be famous if you do so.

If these methods fail, try drawing Pokémon. For your fursona, recoloured eevees or recoloured eevee variations will work, of course! And don't forget to make yiff. Another interesting thing to do is to draw all 721 Pokémon as nude sexy pokegirls! Use you creativity, and SPARE NOBODY. Not even the Pokémon with no sex appeal (all of them) are spared!

The CORRECT way to make 69420 nude sexy pokegirls.

Remember to do the same if you choose to go down the Digimon path. Who doesn't want to see Agumon with boobs?

A new study published in 2010 finds out that a girly show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has caused tons of Deviants to ruin improve every single franchise they know by "ponyfiying" EVERYTHING. People are turning Gardevoir, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spock, Kirk, and possibly every single possible character into ponies. Why not join them? Turn your favourite ponies into slimegirls with BIG BOOBS and "improve" your favourite characters by turning them into ponies. As this has been the soul ofDeviantArt since 2010, join this craze and get ready to turn into a mindless brony! You will definitely get worshiped by all of DeviantArt.

A beautiful example of ponyfication.

The photographer[edit | edit source]

To be a famous photographer on DeviantArt, you can't just photograph something beautiful. Since DeviantArt is truly full of Deviants, and their sense of art is completely different than yours, which is proof that they lost internet access. So, in order to blend in with the community, there are two methods for you: "tasteful" nudity or KAWAII DESU cosplay. Speaking of "tasteful" nudity, it is the soul of DeviantArt. 90% of DeviantArt's artwork is "tasteful" nudity. Criticizing it will lead to you being buttraped by legions of fantards. To make "tasteful" nudity, just use your phone to take a photo of your penis, or you/your sister/your wife's not-so-sexy nude body! If there is cum, bonus points for you. The other method of becoming famous, cosplaying, is also easy. Just take a photo of you wearing a shirt so crappy it is essentially an insult! Bonus points are awarded if Pokémon or anime is involved.

The poet/fanfic writer[edit | edit source]

To be a poet try making your work as angst as possible. Whine about how your family is probiting you from having gay/lesbian sex, and people will be saying "poor You! You should not get this prohibition!" or : "my parents sux too lol"Except everyone else aside of your fantards. Also you can write Fan Fics. They should be as angst as possible just like poems, and your main characters should have powerful special powersThat are so sueish that nobody can stand, and dies a painful death for the sole purpose of making the readers cry. If you are making Pokémon fanfics you should make your character Have all the legendary pokémon in the franchise so You will get respect from your losers which are your peers. Bonus Fantards and haters will follow (Or Stalk, if they are haters) you when you write suefics.

The Fetishist[edit | edit source]

A sucessful fetishist fetishes the worst of the worst, and probably you should too. The most disgusting, cruel and insane of the fetishes are also the most addictive; so you should refrain from drawing the broken Breast expansion art and go for the feet, belly inflation (Pregnancy is also a good alternative), vore, Giantess crushing and scat fetishes (DO NOT even attempt to draw lolis, they are child porn and you can get pwned by the admins' 1337 pwning skills). Here are the invidual guide of becoming famous via fetish.

  • Make an excuse for your most jizz-inducing cards. An good example might be a species of human able to absorb water/magma whatever in their boobs/belly/whatever you desire, or a mammary deity for D&D that knows a few skills around breasts, such as able to use her breasts as a club/expand the enemy's breasts with air to float her up/or whatever crazy fetish you want.

"""an example of this can be found on DeviantArt where there is a Katara fan drawing of her waterbending her own vaginal cum"""

Scientific insanity is always the most jizz-inducing , criminally insane and brilliant.

  • Inlove otherkin, such as plants, Pokémon that few people masturbate over, slimes or Aliens. Otherkin is usually the source of erection as it's exotic and cool. Just don't get fooled to draw mammals of all kinds, as it's already done so many times that it is cliched just like some lame Uncyclopedia joke.
  • Make your fetish art as Disgusting as possible. As "Deviant" means predatory animal, you should have the spirit of one when it comes to drawing fetishes. Glenn Quagmire is your new example in the spirit of drawing pure sickness out of your pencil. Drawing 10 thousand tons of fat or making a skinny girl's boobs as large as the world is far from nothing wrong, especially if you are a deviant, or a predatory mammal.

(Giggity Giggity Iguana)

  • If you can't draw, write a fetish fanfic. Making a boner out of the deviants is ridiculously easy with insane fetishes in words. As the best sex toy is your imagination, you don't need to write particularly well. Just pack your most insane fetishes and have fun seeing people watch you. The rules above still apply. Remember to write the same story over and over again! Lack of variety is key. Your readers will come to expect a formula and you must deliver, never growing as a writer or as a person! Flying into a rage at any pointers or concrit from fellow users is highly recommended and will ensure you a wonderful reputation. Make friends with fellow sick fuck fetish writers and start a prolonged circle jerk for bonus points.

(For Example Something to do with Luna Lovegood, a dildo and Levicorpus)

The critic[edit | edit source]

If You Dare Anger Those Crazed Fangirls...

To be a critic, you should not give constructive criticism. If you post these Demonic troll comments, you will be blocked by your favourite artist, and legions of fanturds will come and fuck you. Especially those CRAZY YAOI FANTARDS WHICH ARE FAILING AT LIFE. Many would count this method of criticism as trolling. Be forewarned, meany-pants!

Wrong[edit | edit source]

These comments are UNACCEPTABLE to the common member. Write these comments at your own risk!

  1. You have done a good job with this drawing. I like your attention to details, especially on her face, her hair and her clothes. Furthermore, your use of bold lines in the right places makes this drawing more eye-catching. However, I have noticed that her breasts are somewhat asymmetric and her hands seemingly rigid. I have found an excellent tutorial on how to draw the female form, and I recommend that you check it out. Keep on practicing. You're already on the right track, and you're sure to get even better.
  2. Your penciling and inking skills are amazing! The figures are very realistic. Also, even without the text balloons, I can easily read, from the motion lines and facial expressions, the personality of each character. The contrast of the main character is a bit off -- you can probably darken him a bit, to make him stand out; other than that, you've made a perfect drawing. I can't wait to see the finished comic book. I'm sure it will be great!

Right[edit | edit source]

These ways are not as FANTASTIC to everybody! Use them as much as you can!

“she is so cute and sexy!”

~ some idiot on masturbating to loli porn

If you play the game, you would know what Wonder Guard does. It only lets super effective attacks hit, but in this case, it's like a condom xDD protecting againsT AIDS.

~ another idiot masturbating to a shedinja


~ another idiot on yaoi hentai

“This is SOOO WRONG!They go bed and FUCK together!!”

~ Yet another idiot, masturbating to weird Yugi X Atem Yaoi Hentai

A+++++++!!!SHE IS MINE!!!!11Nosebleedingplz.gif

~ YET another idiot on bronzong porn

“Applejack's juice is apple flavoured, obviously.”

~ Brony on shit
What you should say to your favourite artists.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

DeviantArt is now totally corrupted. Any sensible people will vomit upon seeing all those Art, But sadly and suprisingly, the residents (most of them) can take unlimited loads of crap like those and still not vomit, and even encourage such doing. So stop having your dream of being famous. Your real art never works, and be one of the lucky few.

DISCLAIMER: All of the content above are Just For the sole purpose of Jokes. PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, All Yaoi fangirls, Furries, Anime fantards, and Bronies, Do not report this article for the sole purpose of your artwork get Stolen used. THANK YOU.

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