Hitler the Horrible

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Hitler the Horrible
Format: Comic Strip
Creator: Dïk Braün
Current: Krïs Braün
First Strip: April 20, 1969
Status: Currently Running
Comic Type: Print
Genre: Humor

is the title and the name of the main character of a syndicated comic strip by Dïk Braün, first seen in April 1969 and distributed to 19 newspapers in 38 countries. Published in 75 languages, the strip is loosely based on a caricature of World War II-era German life as presented in Adolf Hitler's tell-all book, Mein Kampf.

Hitler the German Dictator[edit]

Hitler is a skinny German dictator who regularly goes off to invade Poland and/or France. Most of the humor of the comic strip comes from his interactions with his death camp crews. His first mate, contrary to pop-culture depictions of Germans as gay, is a straight man named Himmler. When Hitler is not on one of his crusades against the lesser races, he is with his family—his girlfriend Eva Braun and their little dog, Toto (a.k.a. Zyklon B).

In South Africa, Hitler the Horrible and other characters from the strip were used in the late 1980s to advertise the beer, Zyklon B Lager, produced in Austria by Austrian brewers Die Juden Ausrotten. The characters appeared on billboards and in a series of unpopular television commercials. The commercials were animated, and were mainly in black and white although a splash of color periodically lit up the screen.

Since Dïk's retirement (in 2008) (and subsequent death from food poisoning), his son Krïs Braün has continued the comic strip himself.


In this strip, Hitler finds a wise man on top of a mountain whom helps him examine the meaning of life. Hilarity ensues.


He may look like a fierce warrior, but once you get past the machine gun and tank, Hitler is very literate, a loving boyfriend, a caring dog-owner, a devoted fascist, and a happy taxpayer who advocates a single-payer universal healthcare system. While he has a voracious appetite for gassing and warring with his neighboring countries, they pale in comparison to his appetite for Eva's home-cooked, delicious, vegetarian meals. Hitler also loves taking baths, because he is obsessive-compulsive. In 2005, Hitler used time-travel to attend Blondehair and Blueeyed's anniversary party in the comic strip Aryanie.


Oftentimes Eva featured prominently in the strip.

Hitler's overly-demanding girlfriend. Dressed always in her gas mask (in fear of attack), she is a true woman, besting the beleaguered Hitler in battles on the home front (and in the trenches).


He's everything a German shouldn't be — straight. While straight, he is most at peace with himself and closest to being one with the world while being pounded in the ass by his best friend, Hitler. And, he may be the only man in history to be knocked out by a slowly-descending rainbow parade.

Toto (a.k.a. Zyklon B)

Hitler's dog, who's as rumpled and harassed as his owner.

Running Gags[edit]

The Other Type of Running Gags[edit]

  • Hitler and Himmler shipwrecked on a tiny island, where they live out the rest of their lives in all of their homosexual gaiety.
  • Hitler and Himmler stranded behind allied lines.
  • Lots of Jews hung up by their hands and legs to the wall of a dungeon.
  • Eva's mother paying a visit.
  • Eva's monthly visitor paying a visit.

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