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Monsieur - 'ow do you say - Jules Gabriel Verne (February 8, 1828 – March 24, 1905) was a French writair. 'E was k'nown for 'ees wonerfeul stories about ze fiction scientifique, particular 'ees famous Voyages Extraordinaires series, n'est pas? Alors, 'e was also une of the least sexy writairs ever to work in la belle France. Monsieur Verne was born een ze town of Nantes on ze banks of the Loire in western France. As a boy, 'e would look at the ships een ze port and dream of ze travel, while his schoolfriends were making ze chitchat weeth the girls. 'Ees père - eh, how do you say in English - 'ees fathair, was not pleased by zees, believing zat ten year old French boys should be sneaking into cancan shows instead. (Full article...)

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Tastes like chicken

October 11: Tasty Birds Day

  • 1581 - The Portuguese are the first to deep fry the tasty dodo
  • 1809 - Famed explorer Meriwether Lewis dies of a gunshot wound. Although it is generally believed to be a suicide, others note that suspicious-looking kiwis were seen lurking in the area.
  • 1890 - Americans stop eating pigeons after an intensive ad campaign by Big Chicken.
  • 1923 - Scientists prove there are no penguins at the north pole, after eating them all.
  • 1989 - McDonald's introduces the Ostrich McNugget and the Fossilized Dodo Tendie, despite heavy protests from environmental groups.
  • 2012 - New York forces the homeless to eat pigeon in exchange for welfare, activists cry fowl.

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