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Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have suffered much, created a magnanimous history and tradition, gained riches and knowledge, and more, much more: they managed to piss off just about everyone (they were Jews, after all). It has come to pass that all Jewish holidays are meant to remind the Jewish people of how they suffered, whereabouts they wandered to, and more, much more: they are meant to remind the Jews who they managed to anger. This article is written in remembrance of all the nations out there who tried to tell the Jews how annoying they are, and failed. We shall remember them fondly. (Full article...)

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Barbara Bush dies at 92
February 22, 1732 — April 17, 2018

Did you know

  • ... that you're pregnant?
  • ... conjuction verb noun preposition article verb noun?
  • ... that recent advances in nanobiotechnology have led to advanced, implantable music players capable of holding up to three seconds of low-quality MP3 audio?
  • ... that Hitler killed himself out of fear of Soviet capture and torture, not because he saw the gas bill?
  • ... that back in my day, we didn't have no fancy Did you know sections on our wikis? We had to get all of our factoids from the library, like decent folk! And after we walked there barefoot across three counties 'cause bicycles hadn't been invented yet, we had to teach ourselves how to read the books - none of that fancy free-contents education you kids're all on about...
  • ... that 98% of Americans have no idea what they would do in a hypothetical situation?
  • ... that the bird is equal to or greater than the word?

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Fun fact: Canadians celebrate their semi-independence by chanting, "We're number two!"

April 18: Dependence Day (Canada)

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Ben & Jerry's introduces a new flavor, designed to help you relax.

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