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Tastes like chicken

October 11: Tasty Birds Day

  • 1581 - The Portuguese are the first to deep fry the tasty dodo
  • 1809 - Famed explorer Meriwether Lewis dies of a gunshot wound. Although it is generally believed to be a suicide, others note that suspicious-looking kiwis were seen lurking in the area.
  • 1890 - Americans stop eating pigeons after an intensive ad campaign by Big Chicken.
  • 1923 - Scientists prove there are no penguins at the north pole, after eating them all.
  • 1989 - McDonald's introduces the Ostrich McNugget and the Fossilized Dodo Tendie, despite heavy protests from environmental groups.
  • 2012 - New York forces the homeless to eat pigeon in exchange for welfare, activists cry fowl.