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Madison, WI

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Three males and one female

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1990s to present


Universal Music Group/Almo Sounds
Warner Music



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Garbage is an American rock group formed in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1994. The band members are Duke Erikson, Shirley Manson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig.

The band cut short their 2005 world tour, and announced an indefinite hiatus, but emphasized it was not a break-up, due in part to their war with Garbage Band. So far, 333 planets have suffered because of their war.



Butch Vig began his career in music when he served as a herald for Galactus. Galactus decided rather than consume the Earth whole, he would do it in sections. He randomly picked Wisconsin. Upon seeing Galactus, he decided to offer his services to Galactus in exchange that his beloved Wisconsin would be spared. He agreed to this and gave him cosmic powers, including the ability to open plastic bags (e.g. cereal bags), being able to open tightly closed jars, being immune to the effects of amusement rides and being able to deliver good spin to the music media flawlessly every time.

Vig would travel throughout space in a beat up '71 VW Microbus, also given powers by Galactus. However, his days of traveling in the Universe would come to an end when he got a DWI when he failed to stop at a stop sign at Saturn. His citation would land him back on Earth. He now had to travel on Earth to find cities for Galactus to consume. It was while in Seattle he discovered the Grunge Movement and their bands. He sampled their music and sent it to Galactus. Galactus was pleased and vowed he would never eat Seattle. In addition, Galactus would free Vig from his obligations to serve him in 1994. Galactus choose Kurt Cobain as his new herald and faked Cobain's death.

Vig decided to form his own band. He sought out his old best friends, Steve Marker and Duke Ericson as members of his new band, Garbage, after he summed up his life before being a herald of Galactus. Marker was living with a group of homeless pygmies, only being able to eat fast food wrappers. And Vig found Ericson when he entered a Golden Coral and found he was working there as a vomit wrangler. Realizing they needed a singer, they traveled in Vig's cosmic powered VW.

It was in Scotland that they took a break and went fishing at Loch Ness. Marker getting a pull on his line and with the help of Vig and Ericson, they pulled Shirley Manson out from the waters, mistaking her for a redheaded walleye. Just as they talked about taking her home to kill and eat, she sang for them to persuade them not to eat her. Realizing how good she could sing, they spared her of life and ended up killing and eating a local villager.


After leaving Scotland, they came to the United States and began recording some songs. Garbage released a string of increasingly-annoying singles over a period of one year from 1995-1996, culminating in the massive flop "I'm a Stupid Girl". They released their debut album, Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!), later that year, on the Marshmallow Records label, signed by Gary Coleman. It went bottom 20 in the United States and top -3 in the United Kingdom.

Garbage spent two years working on their follow-up album, which should have only taken three months. During this time Manson became well-known by the technologically savvy by being one of the first artists to maintain a blog and has maintained to hold a record for threatening suicide 503 times on her blog. She also received millions of flame e-mails and encouragement to commit suicide. "Push That Button" was released and became a summer flop in 1998, reaching #999 in the UK and #523 in the U.S. Their second album Virgin 2.0 failed to top the charts in the UK and hit #1313 in the US. It was nominated for 2 Granny Awards, Album of the Year and Worst Rock Album. In 1999, they performed the theme song to the James Bond film The World Is Too Much.

After retreating into a cave in Afghanistan for several years, Garbage returned to a studio that had low rates and released uglygarbage in 2001. While it represented the band's most nerve-wracking and immature sound to date, it contained plenty of standout commercial singles. Hence, all of the songs charted in the US, and the four singles released charted in UK Top 10. Still, the album managed to reach #-2 in the UK and #-3 in the US, though it quickly slid down the throat of Michael Moore. Garbage followed the album up with an unsuccessful tour of the US, Europe, Stalin's backyard, the Rings of Saturn and the Dark Caves of Uranus.

Garbage's newest new album, Breed Like Me, was released on April 1, 2005. It hit the charts in many solar systems, including a #444 peak in the United States and a radio rock failed single, "Why Do You Hate Me". It originally had the working title "Hands on a Hard Hoagie", but Manson announced that the band had come up with a new title, Breed Like Me, that better fits the band's improved dynamic following a period of tension and crisis in October 2003 when they began their war with Garbage Band. Manson has also said Breed Like Me is more soft rock and a return to Garbage's roots after the failed experiment of uglygarbage, an announcement that angered most fans.

In late 2005, rumors swirled that the band would break up; in fact, Manson has said this was a rumor and circulated by their arch-nemesis, Phil Collins. Manson has gone on to state that Garbage will continue to make awful music until they have achieved world domination and that Oscar Wilde will surrender the plans to the USS Enterprise to them. Art Bell once said, "I have finally met a band that has scared the heebie-jeebies out of me."



  1. Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!) (1995)
  2. Virgin 2.0 (1998)
  3. uglygarbage (2001)
  4. Breed Like Me (2005)
  5. The Very Worst of Garbage (Considering We Never Had Any Real Hits) (2007)


Year Song UK singles U.S. Hot 100 U.S. Modern Rock AUS singles Album
1995 "Vowel" she only weighs 138 pounds 1997, wait that's not the right year! 26 angles 32 days left before X-Mas Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!)
1995 "Submarine" Fortune 500 - - -
1995 "Only Happy When It's Ving Rhames" 29.95 55.95 16.05 80 degrees Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!)
1995 "Gay" 13 ghosts! - 12 disciples 55 degrees for a low tonight Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!)
1996 "I'm a Stupid Girl" 4 wheels on a car 24 slices of cheese 2 wheels on a motorcycle 47 pencils Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!)
1996 "Milk-Mustache" (featuring Tricky Dicky) 10 reasons - - 44 days left Garbage (How Original! We've Decided to Do A Self-Titled Debut Album!)
1996 "#1 Flush" - - 1 day - William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack
1998 "Push That Button" 9.99 plus tax 52 cards in a deck 55555 31 years old Virgin 2.0
1998 "I Think I'm an Android" 9+3-10=2 - 6? Who did that? 57 Heinz Virgin 2.0
1998 "Retarded" 15.15 52 cards -- still there 11 comes after 10 54 -- that was my favorite year Virgin 2.0
1999 "The Trick Is to Keep Seething" - - - - Virgin 2.0
1999 "When I Throw Up" 99999999 - 23 dollars 22 IQ Virgin 2.0
1999 "You Look So Larry Fine" 19 and fine - - - Virgin 2.0
1999 "The World Is Too Much" 11 years ago - - - The World Is Too Much Soundtrack
2001 "Hegemony" 24.95 - - 21 years old to legally drink uglygarbage
2002 "Hairy Lips (Go Away Baby!)" 22 cats - - 7-Up uglygarbage
2002 "Burning Up the Grill" 27 heaven - - 19 & still clean uglygarbage
2002 "Shut That Damn Door!" 20-20 - - 74 and Nixon left the White House uglygarbage
2005 "Why Do You Hate Me" 7.75 94-95 8 is enough 19.95 Breed Like Me
2005 "Breed Like Me" - - 27 glasses of beer on the wall - Breed Like Me
2005 "Six Is Not the Enemy" 24 karet gold - - - Breed Like Me
2006 "Run Bugs Run" - - - 47 hotels Breed Like Me
2006 "Tell Me Where it Hurts" - - - 47 hotels Breed Like Me


  • Garbage has a shrine built in honor of the Beatles. They sacrifice dogs, cats and gerbils to them as offerings.
  • Nostradamus has made several references to Garbage is his predictions. All of his predictions include doom and destruction when Garbage is mentioned.
  • Mr. T once battled Garbage after they turned his youth center into an emo hangout. He threw them as far as Alpha Centauri.
  • David Bowie once threatened to sue Manson for copyright infringement on his Ziggy Stardust character. However, someone pointed out she always looks like that.
  • U2 lives in fear of Garbage. Ironically, Garbage is repelled by the collective B.O. of U2.
  • It has been confirmed that the title of Garbage's 5th studio album has not been confirmed.However, it has been confirmed that there is a confirm-ation.This has yet to be confirmed.

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