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Confucius Say: Me Love You Really Long Time

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Me love you long time ... really long time.

I am Confucius. Master of philosopher, keeper of highest wisdom, solver of great riddles. I know that we not know if tree falls in forest he make noise. I know we not know sound of one hand making clap. Me know why raven like writing desk. I give wise counsel; I head and I forget. Me see and remember. I do and understand. And me love you really long time.

Long time

Nature show us many ting. Learn from nature. Nature will love. Me love you long time.

I understand. You not convinced. You not understand why great mind of time speak broken English. But I speak truth. I know many wise saying.

And me know love. Before you begin on journey of revenge, dig two graves. Me know beauty; everyting has ten tousand beauty but not everyone see beauty of sun. Me know ignorance; ignorance is night of mind, night witout moon and losing big dipper. Me know love wider tan Yangtze River, higher tan cumulus clouds, yellower tan Yellow River. Me know love. And me love you really long time.

Long long time

Ten dolla make me love you long time. Twenty dolla and I love you very, very long time. Five minute at least. Longer tan longest time. It not matter how slowly you go, so long as you know heavenly principles. Confucius hold faitfulness and sincerity as first principle. And me sincerely love you long, long time. Best tirty dolla you spend.

Truer words were never spoken.

Staying power of mighty elephant

Doubt me yet? I practice art of Zen. My own bed is pebble Zen garden. I wrap you in silk sheets like vietnam spring roll. I am ancient mighty bedroom warrior – I forge tantric energy wit sacred blue medicine and all night, every night for long, too too long. Crisis is opportunity, and when my crisis about to come, me tink of your grandmoter in bottom fun time and I last two more hours at least. I train wit army of bound samurai slave in basement, make me master of art of hold back climax. You can ask me about how long. Answer: really, really, really long. Pinky swear.

Confucius say, better tan man paradise]]

No, wait! You not go to place of heavenly sticks. Better here. Me love you long time here. You no need slave in restraint for satisfaction. I give you golden moon package. Five dolla discount. You no go to street corner find comfort favour darling, my house warm, very warm. I am better tan bat house. I take out my fake teef, like empty pearl oyster. Confucius better tan lucky chicken treesome and stronger tan virile dragon. You enjoy more tan sacred panda job. So long time. Stay wit me. So very very very long. Confucius never say more. Pay first, ten my love long time is for you, really only for you for very, very, long, long time.

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