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Users that speak Chinese.

  • 0 這個用戶是個蠢老外. User does not understand this language.
  • 1 此用戶知道一點中文. User has basic understanding of this language.
  • 2 此用戶知道一些中文. User has intermediate understanding of this language.
  • 3 此用戶知道很多中文. User has advanced understanding of this language.
  • 4 除非看他的白皮膚以外,你根本不知道他不是老中. User has near-native understanding of this language. Except for this user's skin colour, you can't tell that this user isn't Chinese.
  • N 此用戶的母語是中文. User is a native speaker of this language.
  • A 次永呼又屌印將種溫. User speaks this language with a thick accent.
  • E 回中文學校吧! User learned this language in school and never used it since. Most likely in Sunday Chinese School. (WTF? No one learns anything in Sunday Chinese School.)
  • F ㄅㄆㄇㄈ…ㄌ? User got an F in this language. (Also most likely in Sunday Chinese School.)
  • G このユーザーは支那の言語を除去したいと思う。大日本帝國萬歲! User wants to remove this language from existence. User is most likely to be Japanese. Long live Japan!!!
  • L 同志好! User has a lisp that affects how they speak this language.
  • P 幹你媽! User is a profane speaker of this language. Censored!
  • X 此用戶愛你很久. User only speaks this language enough to seduce native speakers of this language. They love you long time.

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