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August 9: Copy the Previous Day Day

  • 69 - Roman festival of Repetitionalia inaugurated. Unfortunate for Emperor Nero, as he is murdered all over again. (pictured)
  • 1066 - England invaded successfully for the last time, all occupants are now immigrants except for the Cornish.
  • 1876 - Thomas Edison receives a mimeographed copy of a patent for his mimeograph.
  • 1945 - United States of America Military achieves its, as well as the world's, second ever 25 kill streak on the map of Nagasaki. Immediately, once again, uses the tactical nuke reward to win.
  • 1976 - I just said that!
  • 1980 - What are you...
  • 1982 - Stop repeating what I'm saying!
  • 1998 - Bill Murray commits suicide, leaves note reading "I can't handle this shit again"
  • 2004 - People start to realise that yesterday wasn't neccessarily "such hot shit after all".
  • 2005 - U.S. Government stuck for replacement festival, decide to re-instigate Copy The Previous Day Day. Again.
  • 2006 - Due to a printing error, calendars list today as "Copy the Previous Copy the Previous Day". Global panic ensues.