7 Degrees of Separation

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The two lines are separated by 7 degrees

7 Degrees of Separation is a popular online game played by Uncyclopedians. The game is simple to play, fun, and highly addictive.

Rules of the Game[edit]

  • You do not talk about the 7 Degrees of Separation
  • You do not talk about the 7 Degrees of Separation
  • No really.

How to Play[edit]

  • Click RANDOM PAGE.
  • Choosing any text link within the main body of the text, find the shortest number of consecutive "clicks" before you reach an article that you have contributed to.
  • Feel smug.

Special Rules[edit]

Some hardcore gamers have set about making the game harder by not allowing themselves to click an "Oscar" link. Or anything to do with Kittens.

No one may specifically click on Kevin Bacon at any time during the game.

Top Scores[edit]

Worst Scores[edit]

Did you know...
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