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“Iи кюммцйіѕт Яцssia, aятicгзs язad чюц!!”

~ Дядя Гарт on Амеязка ☭

The Monsters Apple Hath Turned us into...

This one was definitely a Chancellor.


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Squidward Tenticles giving Hitler a final Nazi salute before the Suicide.
' By looking at this.


Hitler playing the banjo on the Russian front to improve morale. Hitler later commented on the performance saying, "Nichts mag eine gute Banjoschau, die Soldaten aufzupumpen!!" which translates into "Nothing like a good banjo show to pump up the soldiers!!"
Hitler's Napoleon complex was based on the fact that he never could get along well with others.
A typical Russian. This one is backflipping over a barbed wire while throwing a hatchet at a target.

Zhōngguó Gòngchǎndǎng Yīdǎng Zhuānzhèng Rénmín Bùkakke Dāngjiā Rénmín Zuòzhǔ Gònghéguó
'People's Republic of Rush Hour 3 Jackie Chan China Edition
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Anthem: "Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting"
Capital Chinatown
Largest city WalMart
Official languages Mao Ze-Thong Speech, informally known as Zhongwen
Government It's democracy, People's Republic, don't you see that in the name?!]]
Chairman Meow Ze-THONG, Jackie Chan (de facto)
  Officiar Cuisine Fried rice, rice porridge, rice pudding, rice dumprings, rice cake, Jerry Rice, rice wine,Rice Krispies, egg rolls, rice balls, Condoleezza Rice (American Product), Tsing Tao, General Tso's Chicken, and all else that crawls, slithers, flies, jumps, hops, swims, wiggle, rolls over, walks and talks.
National Hero(es) George W. Bush, Jet Lee, The Darai Rrama, Mao ZeTongue, Carl Marks, Bon Yi Cheng, Heng Che, Herro Kitty, AJ Thoms, John Lenin
Declaration Definitly not of independence, only the Great Wall of China defends from You Mongorians, Stop Knocking down my WALL!!!!! See: South Park
Currency Chinese Government-Owns- Everything-Even-Your-Money-So-Stuff-The-Money-In-The-Mattress-Even-If-You-Move-To-Another-Country-Because-You-Chinese-People-Dont-Trust-The-Banks
Religion Blank Alternatively pagan
 Population FauxCounter.gifCounter.gif
Antiallah copy.png
The Easter Bunny in all his glory.
Traditional Easter treat: Chocolate Hitler