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This is Beyoncé Knowles, but this article is not about her.

“Read on about the greatest music video producer... OF ALL TIME!”

~ Kanye West on Beyonce

“This article is a remix. This article is a remix. This article is....”

~ If this article is bad, is this to say it used to be worse?

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (born September 4 1981) is a sixteen-time Grammy Award-winning American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, Golden Globe Award-nominated actress, dancer, and fashion designer and weave model for House of Deréon. However, this article is not about her. Apologies go out to all of those that may have searched for information on Miss Knowles on this site and came up without relevant results, as this article is not about her.

History?[edit | edit source]

This image is much more appropriate for this article than the first one, being that it is not of Beyoncé Knowles. Cute though, eh?

In September of 1981, a baby was born into this world. This baby may have gone on to touch the hearts of millions, or maybe even millions and one-hundred thirty-two. This baby would one day become a girl, gradually develop an interest in boys and makeup, and then become a woman. This woman had a chance to make the big time. However, she didn’t. Because this woman was not Beyoncé Knowles. Ain't life a bitch?

Dream Girls[edit | edit source]

In a Google search of “dream” and “girls”, the following things, among others, can be found:

  • A request from a third-rate magazine for amateur girls to pose with motor vehicles and be photographed.
  • A women’s footwear specialty store advertising their new line of shoes with a $5 dollar cash-back rebate offer.
  • A personal ad from a bespectacled man seeking partnership from a woman who shares his interest in competitive kite flying.

Of course, the first 13 million links are related to the 2006 Golden Globe and Academy Award winning American musical film jointly produced and released by DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures named Dreamgirls. But as Beyoncé Knowles is featured predominately in these, and nor the personal life nor career of Beyoncé Knowles will be discussed in this article, we will omit mention of them. We urge you to go to Wikipedia or another reputable site if you wish to read about Beyoncé or her movies. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

This article can’t go on much longer. But perhaps it could if it were about Beyoncé Knowles, because she is quite famous and has done a lot of stuff. Writing about a person with an interesting life makes for much better page filler, but this article is not one of such. Good-bye.

This article is over. It was not about Beyoncé Knowles.

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