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All articles for translation should be placed in the list below (under the language the article is currently in). Please make sure these are articles you think would translate well into other languages.

You can attract the attention of each language's nominated representative by clicking on this exceptionally long link I am writing right here.

You can (but probably won't) read a list of important notes here.

正體中文(Traditional Chinese)[edit]

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Black screen, white text, sad music, you know what I mean.

Deutsch (German)[edit]

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"Ambassador, with these fish and chips you are really spoiling us!"




  • Sherlock Holmes (fr, he, nl) - Very great article.
  • UnBooks:USA ROCKS! (fr)
  • Eurovision Song Contest. I know there's plenty of my (Mickey's) stuff already here, and it's already been translated into German, but this is perfect for translation into any other European language. It would also be cool to see people create/adapt their nation's entry to fit in with their view of their Eurovision record.

To be sorted.

Español (Spanish)[edit]

-¿Qué vamos a hacer esta noche, Brain? -Lo mismo que hacemos todas las noches, Pinky. ¡Tratar de dominar el mundo!
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Français (French)[edit]

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Ελληνικά (Greek)[edit]

Konstantinos Mitsotakis [& harmonization with the Dracula myth]

עברית (Hebrew)[edit]

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Attention please: we can't assure that all images are original and without any copyright, but we suggest not to care about it.

And more of them are coming!

日本語 (Japanese)[edit]

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(We will recommend you to translate when it likes samurai).

When not thinking that the image is few and satisfactory for the Japanese version Uncyclopedia.

한국어 (Korean)[edit]

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Magyar (Hungarian)[edit]

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Nederlands (Dutch)[edit]

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If you want to get a basic translation of a page you're interested in, ask Lars or another Oncian.

  • Roemenië (Romania) This article has been translated in our Language House!
  • Bretagne (Brittany) The translation of this article in our Language House has peen paused, notify Lars if you're interested!
  • Stress op het werk (Stress at work) (Here we used Imagemap to create this. Translating will be difficult, but I'm sure you guys can make an own English version out of it!)
  • Afkorting (Abbreviation) (I know there is already an article that has the same name, or that looks like it, but I personally think yours is less good than ours, with codes, stolen from Wikipedia, we made a story in all abbreviations (of is it called differently?).)
  • Braille (Braille) (This one here also seems made with Imagemap, but it's not! First the story (+ the text in normal letters) is in the edit centre, that can be translated, and to make this piece of points, the Braille-font was downloaded somewhere, and 'translated' the story into Braille. Then copypasta'ed into that article, printscreened it, copypasta'ed in Paint or whatever you like, uploading, Imagemapping, copypasta'ing again et voila.)
  • Parijs (Paris) (All public domain pictures. Basically, the joke is that it's on Corsica and the language is weird - or was it all along?)
  • Jan (John) (It's about all the Jannen (Johns) we know in the Dutch language. Similarly, English has a lot of Johns (John Doe) French has a lot of Jeans and all language will have a stereotypical name.)
  • Monaco (Monaco) (It's a Belgian protectorate with an own language. È c'es bo! Liçè c'article!)
  • Gallië (Gaul) (About 2000 years ago, the whole of Gaul - as France was called - was occupied by Caesar's soldiers. Completely?! No, there was one small settlement...)
  • Corsica (Corsica) (Written by the same man who wrote Roemenië, the article on the continent/country/province/city/quarter should keep everyone interested. Uups, nus summe décuvertus!)
  • Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock) (The man who used MS Paint for all of his paintings. Very easy for me to translate and quite easy fun. Like a fast-food recipe for a laugh!)
  • Politie (Police) (All kinds of unit numbers have been used. 212, 007, X33, 10-4...)
  • Servië (Serbia) (It used to be this great empire, but now... You might only want to use the history part and make an arrticle like History of Serbia, since the other parts are actually rather small. And it could use a png-ification too.)
  • Willem van Oranje (William the Silent) (To the Dutch what Che Guevara was to communism. And when the taxes were raised, he just sighed. "Che...")
  • Latijn (Latin) (Lingua plus bella mondum? Doubtum!)
  • Kapitein (Captain) (All of them! Including Captain Obvious and his rivals.)
  • Terroristische aanslag tijdens Koninklijke Rally Dakar (UnNews Article - Terrorism hits Royal Rally Dakar) (The seond of two UnNews Articles (I may be able to expand it into a lot more). The first is about the start of the Royal Rally Dakar, which goes through France. The second is about a bomb that goes off just before the start of the rally, after which the rally is cancelled. A third one could be about the definite cancelling of the Royal Rally Dakar. It could go on until France starts a war against Spain. Only downside is that it is strongly linked to France.)

Polski (Polish)[edit]

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  • Transnistria (Naddniestrze) All economics in Transnistria is based on mafia and criminalists that works there legally/ Transistria was made by putting USSR into part of Moldova, so USSR will never die :P
  • Own goal (Gol samobójczy) All about own goals
  • How to be a good Catholic (Jak być dobrym katolikiem) This guide will teach you how to become good catholic that will make happy all priests and bishops. Guide includes teachings about fighting atheists :P (it's been translated to English HowTo:Be a Good Catholic)
  • Cricket Poland is a nation without cricket team... There are six amateurs cricket teams in poland one includin Indian immigrants and one including 60 y old woman... SO, this article (not based on English one except O. Wilde quote :P (English one is also very good)) shows cricket in an eye of non-cricketing nation, explaining rules and history on it's own, funny (in opinion of Poles; its featured article as all above except Transnistira). Article is long, includes funny photos, but few parts are game word (like obstruction the field, where obstrukcja in poland is very big defecation... :) )
  • Bandy hockey - Bandy hockey.... totally fucked up game i.m.h.o. Bandy is some kind of mix of football and hckey and this article explains real orgins of game and present bandy hockey.
  • lacrosse - Poland has only article about bandy and second but best article about lacrosse. Lacrosse article describes Indian origins of lacrosse and present lacrosse in real.


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Русский (Russian)[edit]

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Scandinavian (Norsk/Dansk/Svenska)[edit]

Dansk (Danish)[edit]

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Norsk (Norwegian)[edit]

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Svenska (Swedish)[edit]

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