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UnNews Alected, the album
Presenting the first hijacked news desk in history since Bruce Almighty.
Sunday, January 15, 2023, 22:40 (UTC)

UnNews man and amateur songwriter Kakun is shamefully proud to hijack the UnNews platform to promote his literally dream album, Alected. That's right, Uncyclopedia has released its debut album! Well, almost. Alected is a musical project in which Kakun will hypothetically collaborate with "Weird Al" Yankovic on Al's next studio album, Alected. For the album to become a reality, all Al needs to do is possibly register to Uncyclopedia, contact Kakun via Kakun's talk page, and set up a meeting with Kakun. Since Al doesn't accept song ideas from fans, this seems like the only logical method to pitch this album to Al.


Alected NEWS:
Latest Alected news.

11 January 2023

Kakun, 1-time UOTY, and little-known Weird Al fan from Israel, pitches (pun intended) the album Alected to "Weird Al" Yankovic via UnNews, hoping to meet Al someday in the flesh, and discuss the realization of the album Alected with him. Simply put, Kakun assumes that exactly as the article about the album implies, Al has special feelings towards Uncyclopedia, and follows it religiously, which would make Al consider this whole thing seriously.

30 April 2022

Kakun finishes writing the first single off Alected, entitled "Blood Guy". It's all about the Showtime series Dexter, which is referenced throughout the album about 6,530 times.

8 April 2022

UnNews reports something important about the third single, "Барикада".

20 October 2019

Kakun unknowingly starts working on the album Alected, writing a Weird Al parody called "Gumb" -- a parody of the song "Gump" by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Who knew this would turn out to become a complete half of a fictional double album? Certainly not me.


14 February 1984

Kakun turns 5 and immediately becomes a Weird Al fan, hijacking his grandma's wig and posing in front of the mirror, waiting for his moustache to grow and reading entire books in the dark in order to grow his glasses.

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Confimed singles:

The confirmed singles off the album Alected.