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Sabbath, July 29, 2023

By ChatFJD
An AI program invented for the sole purpose of Max Sheffield
Coconut toilets are very common in Israel. The two sides of the coconut are connected by some dry coconut cum.

ALBUQUERQUE, Earth -- The upcoming fifteenth studio album by American-Israeli musician "Weird Al" Yankovic, entitled Alected, is due sometime in the near future. This is old news for the readers of Uncyclopedia. The more exiting news are that one of the two sides of the double album, Side A, will be performed by the parodied musicians themselves.

As all readers know, the new studio album by Hawaiian terrorist Weird Al will be a collaboration with Uncyclopedia author Kakun. Kakun is also the author of the UnNews you are reading right now (-kk). He is also a resident of Israel, a country currently ruled by two known terrorists and a coconut, who use Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppet. This is not what Kakun is planning to do to Weird Al. Weird Al is a guest on Side A of the album Alected, while Kakun is a guest on Side L of the same album. That way, both individuals, Al and Kakun, are each other's guests on the album.

This is very common in Israel - many recording artists share the same album, and both of their names are shown on the front cover. The best one in English is probably Riding With The King by Eric Clapton and BB King. In the specific case of the album Alected, no name is shown on the cover, only a picture of someone laying on a bed. But the general idea stays the same - one album, two fathers (or mothers).

Back to the subject, Side A will be performed entirely by the parodied artists, including Kanye West and Taylor Swift, who would have to share the recording studio at some point. If Kanye doesn't cooperate, Al would have to step in with some vocals. The last song on Side A, "Shtisel pt 2", is a duet featuring Taylor and Al, so Al is a guest here in any case. It's still unclear if the rest of the "Weird Al" Yankovic band appears on this side of the album.

The second side of Alected, entitled Side L, contains nothing but original Weird Al songs, performed by the traditional "Weird Al" Yankovic band. Those songs include songs inspired by Israeli and non-Israeli musicians, selected by Kakun. The polka medley on this side, "Eurovision Song Polka", is partly arranged by Kakun, so we get an entire side in which Kakun is a guest of Weird Al.

And so you have it. Israel is still a democracy for about 20 minutes, and Alected is just a collaboration of two well-known terrorists. Joe Biden and the FBI are all over this, so no need to worry.

We'll be back with more Israel/Alected UnNews, as soon as Netanyahu starts using his actual coconut, and AI TV is officially cancelled.

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