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American Old West
Towns Arizona: Phoenix· Tombstone· Tucson· Yuma
California: Bakersfield· Fresno· San Francisco· Los Angeles ·San Diego
New Mexico: Alamogordo· Albuquerque· Cimarron· Gallup· Lincoln· Mogollon· Roswell· Santa Fe· Tucumcari
Oklahoma: Broken Arrow· Oklahoma City· Tulsa
South Dakota: Deadwood· Pine Ridge
Texas: Abilene· El Paso· San Antonio
Others: Carson City· Denver· Dodge City· Hot Springs· Independence· Omaha· Portland· Salt Lake City· Seattle· Virginia City
Prominent Figures Wild West outlaws· Wild West lawmen· Cowboys and Cowgirls· Wild Bill Hickok· Elfego Baca· Butch Cassidy· Mangas Coloradas· Calamity Jane· Victorio· Billy the Kid· Chiricahua· Wyatt Earp· Virgil Earp· Doc Holliday· Bat Masterson·Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang· Liver-Eating Johnson· Annie Oakley· Buffalo Bill· Kit Carson· Sitting Bull· James C. Cooney· Goyaałé (Geronimo)· Tom Ketchum· Cochise· Sundance Kid· Crazy Horse· Touch the Clouds· Red Cloud· Soapy Smith· Wild Bunch· Black Bart· Tȟašúŋke Witkó (Crazy Horse)· Joaquin Murrieta
Transport & trails First Transcontinental Railroad· Mormon Trail· Oregon Trail· Pony Express· Great Platte River Road· Great Western Cattle Trail
Native Americans Apache scouts· Battle of the Little Bighorn· Battle of Washita River· Wounded Knee Massacre· Long Walk of the Navajo· Scalping
Lore Alma Massacre· Gunfight at the O.K. Corral· Chisholm Trail· Battle of Tularosa· Dead man's hand· Boot Hill· Western saloon· Wild West Shows· Frisco Shootout· Lincoln County War· One-room schoolhouse