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Typical left-winger
Disclaimer: The word "right" in this article is properly intended to mean, "correct." It is not intended to offend anyone of any ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual background, especially Western, white, Jewish princesses with bisexual tendencies. See below under 'equal rights: models'. (just kidding)

The Left-wing, also known as The Union, The Industrialized First World Civilization, or "You did go to Harvard/Cambridge, didn't you?" is an independent nation that promotes and adheres to the following guidelines, also known as human rights:

  • All beings have the right to freedom of thought, expression, and opinion, as long as that thought, expression, and opinion is left-wing.
  • All beings have the right to practice their religion provided they either 1)Don't believe in a God or 2)Don't take it seriously.
  • Women have the right to be liberated, express themselves, and have sex with anybody who wants them to, as long as they also want to.
  • Women have the right not to be judged for their past sexual indiscretions, whether it be experimenting with sex with a woman, having sex with the wrong man, or having an abortion after that wrong man left them (after cheating with another), or threatened violence or blackmail toward them if they refused to have an abortion.
  • All sentient beings are obliged not to be a redneck, cousin-loving, obese, alcoholic, wife-beating, trailer-trash, gun-slinging, southern-drawl cowboy.
  • All left wing writers have full permission to overuse adjectives (see previous entry)
  • All paid up left wingers have the right to fight for the redistribution of wealth, so long as that wealth is not their own.
  • Twats who read the Guardian think that they are left-wingers but in reality are nothing more than watered down Blairites who come from the middle class suburbs of Kent. (See Modern Parents or Critics cartoon strips in Viz)
  • Left wingers reserve the right to never shut up.
  • Left wingers reserve the right to believe that Canada is a paradise of Utopian health care and government-sponsored marijuana.
  • left wingers reserve the right to support green initiatives such as wind farms that arent within a 20 mile radius of there own home.
  • Left wingers reserve the right to kill off, oops, euthanize any unfit human who cannot protest otherwise while protecting animals that would sooner eat those bleeding-heart liberals alive than show some gratitude.
  • They whine about the idea of sharing the wealth, world peace and racial harmony. But in reality, that won't really happen.
  • And finally, Left wingers like to raise your taxes, esp. if you're wealthy (but not to them limousine liberal elitists they are).

Identification[edit | edit source]

The natural habitat of the Left Winger is Southern California, Canada, parts of Manhattan, England (North London postcodes only), and much of Europe, except for Italy, Catholic Portugal and the South of France. The habitat extends southwards into Spain and parts of the Caribbean. The Left Winger is unknown in the central US, and China. Although slightly known in Australia, it is ridiculed and mocked to the point of hiding in small self contained communities. It is rarely observed, and when it is observed here, it is not remembered due to everyone except the reclusive left wingers being too drunk.

The Left winger is often seen descending to coffee shops to drink espresso or machiato. They can be attracted to suburban gardens by supplies of vegetarian food. For best results, ensure you have plenty of large trees to hug. Some traits: A Left Winger thinks that he can changes the world. A Left Winger thinks Cuba is a Paradise. A Left Winger hates your own mother. A Left Winger has a little bit of intelligence (above 25 IQ points). A left Winger sings "Imagine" by John Lennon in every-fuck-morning. A left Winger thinks that CNN (communist news network) is a capitalist channel.

Famous Left Wingers in history[edit | edit source]

  • Adolf Hitler. Generally considered sound on Jews, Gipsies, non-white people and women, Hitler lost it on his preferred language (German), and then blew it completely trying to develop a small, cheap, economical motor-car called the Volkswagen. The United States entered WW2 on the same side as the hated British solely to protect Detroit from cheap German and Japanese imports. This was a mistake. America is strong when it stays on the same side as people with basically the right ideas, even if they do speak German and have funny moustaches.
  • Benito Mussolini. Italian dictator and comic actor. Started the tradition of right-wing politicians being corrupt and useless rather than inflexibly moral and ruthlessly efficient. The Italian people keep hoping that his reincarnation will appear and make Italy amusing again.
  • Karl Marx. Lived in London. Got servant girl pregnant. Wrote several books, unfortunately in German so no-one read them.
  • Josef Dzugashvili ("Stalin"). Lived in Georgia, then Russia. Politician. Failed to recognise threat from Hitler until too late, due to being busy killing his own people at the time. Then got another 20 million or so Russians killed while fighting off the German army.
  • Pol Pot. Lived in Cambodia. Killed lots of Cambodians for no apparent reason. Still very popular in Cambodia.
  • Ho Chi Minh. Educated in London and Vietnam. Killed several million Vietnamese in Civil War while defeating United States of America, who were trying to import democracy, freedom, Coca-cola and syphilis.(But mainly syphilis)
  • Fidel Castro. Unfortunately Castro really doesn't seem to have done any real harm to anybody - certainly not killed nearly enough people even to be a minor politician in a US satrap state. But his mere existence exasperates Republican politicians. He doesn't really belong here, does he?
  • Danny Ortega. Nicaraguan. Politician. Almost confused and passive-aggressive enough to do well in Californian politics.
  • Bianca Jagger. Failed wife of popular music singer. Totally failed to kill anybody. Has had permit to be left winger withdrawn.
  • Vladimir Putin. Totally wonderful and dynamic Russian premier about whom nothing bad is ever said by anyone of even vaguely left wing tendencies. Actually they like him because they suspect he could kick George Bush's ass any time he wanted to, but he has more fun taking down the dollar and putting all the cash into Euros.
  • John Lennon. The only left-winger with some semblance of intelligence.
  • Heather Mills. Gold-digging ex-wife of popular musician. She's not really leftist, but her unadulterated bitchiness is coveted by left-wingers across the world.
  • Per Albin Hansson. Swedish leader during WWII. Helped create a welfare utopia, which unfortunately included making Swedes give 99% of their salary to taxes. Since he wasn't American he was clearly in lieu with Stalin and Hitler. Also notorious for giving stuff to other people while not getting anything in return, which causes some to theoretize that he might be insane.

Totally awesomely evil behaviour of Left Wingers[edit | edit source]

Following the failure in the left wing which led to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, top rocket scientists in the US Republican party are currently building a space shuttle with two right wings to prevent a recurrence of this event. They have argued that the US Space Program always worked when good, patriotic Americans like Herr Doktor Obergrueppenfuehrer Wernher von Braun were in charge, also his rockets always used to hit London.

Every single left wing person is unquestionably gay, as they do not feel it is necessary to kill everybody who is even vaguely different from them.

As a political ideology, left-wing proponents believe that government is beneficial and needed to maintain social order, that taxation and an ever-growing list of laws are the price we pay for civilization and that facts should never get in the way of a good social program. Left-wingers have a strange idea that taxes should be taken so that the government can spend money on things like education and healthcare, mainly because they are all homosexual.

Due to an obsessive belief in their own righteousness and civil behaviour, left-wingers like to pretend that they refrain from discussions and dirty tricks that cost them elections, though in reality they are as much a bunch of sick, twisted bastards as their counterparts (see right-wing ). They admit that democracy is defective, but argue that all the problems could be solved by preventing the right-wing from voting, or preferably strangling them at birth.

Left-wingers believe that right-wingers have an unhealthy obsession with politics, unlike Left Wingers who avoid the subject except on Air America, the Academy Awards, Michael Moore films, Noam Chomsky interviews, Al Gore speaking tours, Al Franken books, protests, Jane Fonda cannon sittings, Alec Baldwin / George Clooney / Sean Penn / Tim Robbins / Susan Sarandon / Ben Affleck / Harry Belafonte / Bruce Springsteen / Kanye West rants, PETA activities, the entire Guardian newspaper,the bits of the BBC that have long words in,Pravda, oh fuck it... it's pretty much their entire daily lives too. Got a problem with that? What are ya gonna do about it? Huh? Huh?!?! Oh by the way, Left-wingers believe that racism/sexism/age-ism/size-ism and all other ism's are totally wrong, unless they are used against old fat white guys from red states. Those bastards deserve whatever they get!!

Those who proclaim themselves left-wing tend not to support the state of Israel, a fact that helps explain the high number of Jews who consider themselves left-wing.

When identifying, easily confused with[edit | edit source]

Even more so not to be confused with Bird Flu.

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