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Xbox 360 Elite[edit]

Xbox 360 Elite
Xbox elite.JPG
It's the new, improved version of the Xbox 360.
Developer(s) Two rich as hell stoners
Publisher(s) Microsoft
Release date Tomorrow
Genre Video game simulator
Platform(s) Any horizontal, flat surface
Rating P.O.S.
Would Jessica Alba play it? Hell No!
It looks as if Microsoft's new Xbox is nothing but a Playstation with Christmas lights wrapped around it, a piece of gum stuck to it, and a wii controller and a rubber duck taped to it!

Captain Obvious on Xbox 360 Elite

In Soviet Russia crapy Microsoft product buys you!

Russian Reversal on Xbox 360 Elite

Xb0x 360 1337 1$ p13(3 0f (Π@p.

$0m3 n00B on Xb0x 360 1337


Once upon a time in (April 20, 2007) a land far,far away Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates were smoking some pot."Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!", shouted Steve Ballmer."That's a great idea", said Bill Gates,"we should make a new and improved Xbox 360!". And so the two filthy rich junkies drove down to Microsoft Headquarters to start creating the new Xbox 360. Over the course of two months and two-hundred pounds of pure Jamaican weed they finally created the Huge Peice of Crap! A'hem. The Xbox 360 Elite.


The Xbox 360